Tuesday, 10 February 2009


So here I am with the worst virus I have ever experience so I thought i would put my sickness to a more positive use. I have read so many other people's blogs and thought I'm sure I could add something useful in my own small way. The rather large photo at the top of this blog is me at a Shimelle Laine workshop in Gosport last year. The class was called Everyone has a story. It is a year long class which we receive prompts for every 2 weeks roughly with ideas for the layouts, how to size up photos etc. Shimelle always strikes me as a straightforward scrapper...ie not too complicated!!!! I can't do complicated. I'm still fairly new at this so forgive my layouts and any tips would be great. Now if anyone can give me tips on getting two cats to make a hot drink I'd forever be in their debt.

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