Monday, 21 September 2009're joking aren't you?

So just when you think everything's going peachy you find a lump in your cats tummy! Because she's already been in the vets on and off for the last month or so I think she's got an addiction to the anaesthetic or something. Anyway the nice vet says she's probably got a hernia..............abdo xray and anaesthetic tomorrow. At least she's insured now hahahah.
I still have a cold and husky voice which means I still sound like a dalek but hey what's a girl to do. Only wish I had a sexy man to talk to. At least the voice would be useful.
On a scrapping note, I am really loving the digital side and have not paper scrapped for ages. I have got some gorgeous stuff to use though and need to get focussed as my sister's pressie will not be completed in time. I did manage to get myself a mini tabletop easel today from Alladin's cave which literally has everything you could think of other than food! You could spend hours in there. Plus they're really reasonably priced. I wanted something to stand my pages on properly to display if I like and also to photograph more effectively.
Anyway, will tell you how PBGT manages tomorrow.
Oh by the way my sister sent me a link to a free music link which has old and up-to-date stuff- so I've been indulging my 80s and punk era loves today..............for free!!!!!!!!! The link is

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