Sunday, 15 November 2009

Blog happy.

So I've just come back from watching Dr episode all year!!

I have also been on todays blog train and seen some awesome stuff and added some new blogs to my faves and following. There were some amazing LOs out there and some great blogs..........well done everyone. I've also got 2 more followers which considering my terrible blogging is pretty awesome so thanx to you all you've cheered me up no end!!! :))

I think the blog train is a fantastic idea as it has given me a really easy means of checking out some incredibly gifted individuals. I am truly in awe. A common theme seems to be the Scrap your Christmas. Now I did Shimelle's class for the first time last year and I'm sad to say it's still unfinished. HOWEVER, capitols for emphasis, I am planning on keeping up this year. For one I have already got a bag full of bits and pieces ready plus a chipboard album as well which just needs to be christmased up. The new class will start in a couple of weeks. However tomorrow Jessica Sprague's class starts here ...............details here

It's free and I reckon will get my mojo going just in time for the first post of the Shimelle class.


  1. Hi again. Thanksfor the comment on my blog and the Jessica Sprague link. In answer to your question about classes - yes, I have taught some card-making to adults and children, but no book creating or scrapping yet. It's something I've considered and I will probably take an opportunity to do it soon.
    Pity you don't live closer to Bedfordshire - we have a nice little scrapping group starting up locally. Had 3 meetings and a fourth on Tuesday evening. Looking forward to it and making Plans for a piece of work to take along!

  2. I agree about the blog train. It's wonderful to visit so many blogs I didn't even know existed. So much inspiration and beauty everywhere!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog Jo! I'm doing Journal Your Christmas for the first time this year so looking forward to seeing yours as we go along x

  4. I'm hoping to try and combine the 2 classes....get inspiration from both!!

  5. I'm going to be doing both Shimelle's and Jessica's this year. Did Shimelle's last year and absolutely loved it. :o)

  6. hey jo thanks for the reminder about jessica!

    Re: digi scrapping. I am new too! I like it though. Its quick, simple and mess free! i do love real paper too much though to give up traditional scrapping!


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