Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Blogging classes.

I know I have already blogged this picture before but I am so proud of it! It is the most difficult digital page I have done so far. So yesterday Shimelle's class on blogging got into full swing and I have to admit my best laid plans of scrapping everyday have gone out of the window. Mainly because I went to work yesterday and had to stay on as a colleague was unwell. I am often so tired after work as we do 9-7.30 shifts and they are exhausting.
Anyway we are meant to be pledging to keep our blogs as regularly as possible. I think to be honest I will have to go for every 2-3 days as if I work 3 long days in the row the last thing I have time for is blogging, which is a shame because I find it quite therapeutic.
I don't ever blog anything too overly personal because that's not my style. I began this blog to show some of my LOs and look at other people's. I love learning new techniques so I'm hoping that I will see loads of new inspiration while learning over the next few weeks.

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