Monday 30 November 2009

When I was 17 it was a very good year..............

So welcome to 1982 and Storrington in West Sussex. My name is Jo and I am 17 in 3 weeks. Only just made it as a 17 year old in 1982. Just to set the scene, this year Prince William was born, we went to war with the Argentines who invaded the Falkland Islands and we all watched Blue Peter with bated breath as they attempted to raise the Mary Rose in Portsmouth harbour. As it's nearly Xmas I'm hoping for the new Michael Jackson album Thriller and also for driving lessons.

..............this is my latest school photo. I am in the lower 6th form doing my A levels. We don't have to wear uniform anymore although we have to stick to school colours of red, white and navy.

I have answered a few questions about myself ..........

My hair colour is....brown
My hair style is....short with flicks
My favourite brand of makeup is....Rimmel
My "fashionable" item is......a lady di collared shirt
My favourite outfit lady di collared shirts......i have them in loads of colours
My favourite colour
I drive a.....I don’t drive yet but am getting lessons for Christmas
On a Saturday I work as a checkout girl at WH CUllen the local supermarket
On a Saturday night I go.....babysitting or to the guidehall disco
On a Sunday I Sunday school and church
Monday-Friday I Steyning Grammar school which is about 7 miles away and i go on the Belsey banger bus. I am doing 3 A level which are English, Social Biology and Sociology. I am also doing 2 O levels in a year in Economics and Study of Art.
My best friend(s) is/are.....Roz, Jackie and Amanda
My favourite place to go out the guidehall disco
My favourite subject at school is.....English Literature. We are studying Othello, Heart of Darkness. But I also love music and study of art.
When I grow up I want to be......a nurse
My favourite drink is.....tea
My favourite food is.....cheese on toast
My favourite shop is......the music shop
I want to marry....someone nice
My favourite actor/actress is....Martin Shaw
My favourite band is....Soft Cell
My favourite TV programme is....The Professionals

I've just been to see ET which I cried at ti was so sad.

My most used mode of transport is a....the school bus
If I had all the money in the world I
I wish I could visit....India
My favourite sport is......stool ball which is a game played only in Sussex

I am reading .....Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad for my A levels.
The big newspaper story this year is the Falkland’s war.

The furthest away from home I've ever been is......France

We are now time travelling to the late 1990s over to see Sara who is also 17 and living in Sussex.She's going to tell you abit about herself and her life. Have a safe trip


  1. A great post and lovely layout! The papers suit the pic sooo much!

  2. Love your LO..that's a nice photo! I remember Heart of darkness well! And The Mary Rose..remember the very excited lady who led the project? Don't know why she stuck in my head but she did! I think you and I would have lots to talk about irl. x

  3. Look at gorgeous you! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lady Di collared shirts! I remember them. Loving all these 80s posts they are really jogging my memory.


  5. ohh, I love english lit back in secondary school (:
    and it seems like there are a lot of rimmel users
    out there (:

  6. This takes me back...I used to love The Professionals as well....and I still like Rimmel make up!

  7. Lots of memories there. I watched the Mary Rose comong into harbour when they raised her and I joined the army bcause of the Falklands war. LOL
    Back to the train.

  8. Great pic and lovely layout, thanks for sharing :-)

  9. Loved your post. I remember seeing the Mary Rose coming into harbour too and the Lady Di collared shirts - had forgotten about them lol :)

  10. What a great blog post and LO to match!

  11. Great post Jo. I got to see the Mary Rose on Saturday as I went to a Victorian Market in Portsmouth.
    I can also remember playing Stool ball at middle school I think my teacher wsa on a local team.

    Sara x

  12. Great post Jo, we even had those Lady Di shirts in Australia - come to think of it, we loved anything to do with Lady Di here!

  13. love your layout and your memories!

  14. Lady Di shirts! Love it! Thanks for sharing.


  15. Great post! Love the answers you have given.

  16. Lady Di had a lot to answer for lol!! Lovely LO to go with your post.

  17. Great post Jo! Fancy you living just up the road from me in Worthing! You took me right back to 1982 (I was 23, married and living in Worthing)

  18. What a great idea for a blog hop:) I noticed you put 'I wish I could visit...India.' When I was 17 I did just that! It was December 1985 and the most amazing experience. Fiona x

  19. I'll second that - really great idea for a blog hop. I remember all that you included - though I was a good bit older than you at that time . Thanks for the memories . J x

  20. Wow that's amazing that you remember so much! I love this layout! Great idea for a blog hop.

  21. Jo - look what I wrote all those months ago! Now we really do talk, how cool is that?

  22. I nearly chose my blog from this blog hop too - it came a close second! I can see why you chose it :)

  23. Lovely post! I so enjoyed reading about you at that time! :)

  24. How much fun to look back like that! I can see why this is one of your favorites. What a great idea for a blog hop.

  25. I can see why this was a favorite. It's full of good memories for you!

  26. excellent post, can see why it's your fave :) xoxo


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