Sunday 14 February 2010

Love is all around..............

.................for all those in love Happy Valentine's day................for those like me who are single Happy Valentines day because someone always loves you whether it be parent, frined, sister, cat, dog, rat, guineapig, gerbil, fish etcetera. For me today I am off to church where I am always loved and then to my other love affair with my parents and.............roast lunch.
Love and kisses


  1. I'm having my first single Valentines Day this year Jo but am OK about it. Have a great day. M x

  2. Ah Jo, that's a lovely sentiment. It's what Valentine's Day should be about really - appreciating all the love in our lives, not just any love we may get from a partner.
    My husband is wonderful, loving and caring; but I have so many other people in my life who I cherish and who love me in return.
    I really hope you've had a great day today, enjoyed your lunch (yummmm roast...) and been unable to count all your numerous blessings!

    The little owl paper set is so fab. Wherever did you get it?
    (I do know how you like owls.. I bought such a cute felt keyring for my niece at Christmas, from a lady on Etsy). Owls Rule!

  3. Ooh I love owls too, such a cute set, is that digital. I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your roast, another favourite of mine you lucky thing.

  4. I love you Jo! I'm so pleased to count you as a bloggie friend :-) Happy Valentine's xx

  5. Well said, Jo! Hope you had a nice day x

  6. I've decided that seeing as my daughter's name is Sophia, that means 'wisdom', that I should look out for (and make) owls for her room. So thanks so much for these links! And you're right about the russian dolls. I'm going to try them!


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