Thursday, 18 March 2010

And I miss you.................

.................well I thought a few of you might have missed me, I hope so!!!!!! Here is a piccie of my mum on Mother's day, she had a lovely time.

So this week, I have to be honest I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself. After having been to work, it was a culture shock to go back to doing nothing. I felt really down and sorry for myself. The worst thing about being unemployed is the stupid benefits system. Because I worked over 16 hours the other week I have to sign off benefits which, despite the fact that I get none of that money until April sometime, means I dont get paid my Jobseekers Allowance or Housing Benefits. This means that this week I've had no money to live on apart from a tenner I had in my purse left over! I then had to go through the process of signing back on again which is just ludicrous and heart wrenching. I found it really difficult going back into the Jobcentre to do that and felt as if no-one there really cared how disheartening it is. Anyway, luckily yesterday I heard from the agancy that the college needed me again for another 4 days starting next Monday. So that is really lovely. Of course I will have to sign off again, so my money will be messed up again but anyway, I'm trying to see the good side of this. On the job front, I had a letter from NHS Direct saying I hadnt got the job I went for the other week, but I still have an interview tomorrow so again trying to stay positive. There isn't much around on the NHS site at the moment and I'm getting worried about what will happen but as I said, trying to stay positive.

To cheer myself up I did abit of cooking from this book which I had at Xmas.............

It has alot of yummy and calorific recipes. I cooked the banana cupcakes and the oat and raisin cookies. Just in case u've got this book, before you get going make sure you have muffin cases rather than out cupcake cases because tha's the size of an American cupcake!!!!!! Here is the results.......................
If you look at the bottom layer of cakes you can see they look abit larger, that's because I filled the cupcake cases as you normally would but the cakes overflowed as they rose! Messy but nice I have to say. The second batch was more cakelike. The cookies are gorgeous..............

I did the 2 LOs as a doublepage spread about my god-daughter Adrianne. She prefers to be called Dan these days but when she was a baby she was happy with her chrtistian name. She was born at 28 weeks gestation and I was one of the nurses who cared for her until she went home. Her mum and dad asked me to be her godmother and I was so pleased, it has been an honour to be a part of their family. I am known as Jo Hospital for obvious reasons. I love the picture of her as a little baby and with her dogs. I adore Westies, they had 2 called Tilly and Molly........

This is the leftside LO and I used the different coloured paper scraps for Shimelle's class cut out in scallop circles and used to frame the photo. The flowers are handmade with spare brads.

This is the righthand page which I did with scalloped squares and used ricrac to make a Os and Xs design.
The 2 pictures in the mid row are from her 2nd birthday, the bottom mid-pic is me and her at the Xmas premature baby reunion party, not sure about the far one with the Panda but I reckon she looks at least 4/5 there.


  1. I love the last page with all the squares,Jo..great way to use up small pieces.
    I totally agree with you that the benefits system is'd think they'd be pleased you got yourself some work, rather than penalising you.

  2. I agree with Jacky. It is so wrong that you lose out - and have to suffer financial problems - just because you are willing to take temporary work. They really need to sort out the benefits system, once and for all!

    The layouts of your goddaughter are sweet. I like the way you have used the scalloped circles for the border on the first page and the ric-rac to make a frame on the second. The colours are fab!

    Chin up, Jo! You're doing okay. I am sure a job will come along. At least, by taking work when it's offered, you are keeping up your skills and keeping yourself employable, however broke it makes you! I will remember you when I say my prayers - somewhere on the "nice people that deserve a break" list of requests I think! XX

  3. awww it's lovely to have so many friends who listen to me noaning and whining!!!! and i'm glad u think i'm a nice person who deserves a break!!!
    Jo xxx

  4. Good luck with the interview. You don't need to tell me about the benefits system - I worked in the jobcentre for 13 years!!
    I keep looking at that cookbook - and drooling.

  5. The whole benefits system is a complete mess I reckon. I think you are doing absolutely brilliantly in keeping positive and busy, so keep going because we are all behind you!! I love your layouts and the little girl who calls herself Dan. How cute :)

  6. I've missed you, hun - been thinking about you x

    I hope your interview went well (I'm behind in my blog-visiting so I'm too late to wish you luck!) - I'm sorry about the faff with benefits though, that's rotten. I'll be praying for you xx

  7. good luck with the next interview, sorry you are feeling down, I have that book too i like the Rocky road but ooh its naughty, lovely pages how nice to be asked to be godparent. x

  8. Hi Jo :-)
    I'm in agreeance with everyone here, keep going you will land the right job!
    Love your baking - just might do some of that myself :-)

  9. Thanks for sharing, great looking cupcakes and a lovely picture of your Mom. Good luck with your interview.

  10. "Oh where, oh where has our Jo-Jo gone? Oh where, oh where can she beeeee?"
    Haven't seen a post from you for a week. Hope you are okay, working hard and staying positive.


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