Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy Saturday everyone and hope u've all had a g8 ME!!!!!!! I am still doing the Snoopy dance....................

and bouncing around like Tigger with an inane smile on my face. After 6 months of being out of work it is an amazing feeling to be about to restart work even if it might take 2 more months to get going cos of the CRB checks!!! It seem incredible that CRB checks take so long and I will have had 3 done in the space of a few weeks. One each for the jobs and 1 for the Marie Curie volunteer work I'm hoping to do. Anyway the new job I am doing is Health visiting again. I will be working in Bristol either in Knowle which is South Bristol or near Clifton which is central. I dont mind where I work really as I dont know the area that well so have no misconceptions but would just like a g8 team of people to work with. I'll keep you posted as to the details. Thanx for ur support both up to now and ongoingly. I've felt so lucky to have such wonderful friends.
I have got my new bow but cant put up my picture cos I find it. Dont know what I've done with it but I thought I looked quite cool and I'm in g8 company cos Shimelle has got one too. Talking about Shimelle, she's pipped me to the post with her fab picture of the ducklings, here's mine. I was dead excited as there's 1 baby duckling which is yellow. They were out last weekend on the moat around the Bishop's Palace. My friends had come to visit so we walked down and fed the ducks. Here they are, so cute.............................

...................and here's cute yellow duckling..................awe isnt he awesome...........

So I have to welcome 2 new people to the blog, Sarah is my newest follower and has a fab new website and shop which went live today, and also Hamster over at Mel's. After the loss of Smoky the new hamster has now arrived so welcome to him/her.

So today I've been working on my mum's birthday invites, that is if it still goes ahead as she seems to be imploding at the thought of turning 70. She does it every time she has a BIG birthday event and then really enjoys it, anyway I like the design and work so far so will share once they're finished. OK I'm off to watch The Doctor defeat the vampires. Adios til later.


  1. Loove that Snoopy Dance! Just as long as you keep at least one foot on the ground! I hope the CRB comes through quickly and you can get on with it...

    Sweet little ducks - I love to go and watch ducklings. Maybe tomorrow we'll go to the country park and feed the birds on the lake.

    Hope your mum gets over the panics about her birthday. My mum will be 74 this year - she survived her 70th birthday party (and even enjoyed it)!

  2. Good ol' Snoopy dance :-) Hope the CRB goes through quickly and smoothly!

    Love your darling duckling shots, and thanks so much for welcoming The New Hamster. I'll tell him, I'm sure he'll be thrilled :-)

    Did you enjoy Doctor Who? Pretty good episode I thought. Next week's looks most intriguing! xx

  3. I like the thought of you working in Bristol..that photo of my sister and me is actually taken in Bristol where I had family for many years.

    Very cute ducks :)

  4. Yeah! I'm so happy for you that you have a new job! Everytime I stop by it seems you have a new blog header. I love this one! Take care


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