Monday 17 May 2010

Mel's 8th picture challenge!

Mel had a challenge on her blog yesterday which she had found found somewhere on the web which said to find ur 8th file of pictures and to blog the 8th picture in the file so here is mine..................the angel on the top of the xmas tree!!!

I have had her for a number of years and I think she originally came from The Pier. They seem to have lots of unusual decorations there each year. This year I couldnt buy any newbies for the tree. I love my angel cos she is folksy and I love handmade things as u know and she has a cute apparel and facial expression,. She sits at the top of the tree for the xmas period never complaining and each year when she comes out of the wrapping paper she is in g8 condition. I think she is heading for about 15 years old now so not bad for a teenager. She is always well behaved and never back chats her mother!!!!!
So today I am working on making my flower for Scrapamia and also completing my All about me project minibook for this weekends challenge. Some sneaks to come soon. Watch this space and if u want to give the challenge a go hop over to Mel's for the instructions and joinus this weekend.

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  1. So glad you did this too, it's so interesting to see what people are finding! Your angel is beautiful :-)

    I'm also ridiculously chuffed to have my own label on your blog lol! xx


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