Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Today I have finished my minibook for Mel's bloghop on Saturday. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I have used up aload of scraps of card and paper and some cute embellishments. After yesterdays quiz and Saturday's hop u should know loads about me.
I have also been working on my flower for Saturday at Scrapmamia. I have got a piece of Oasis and pushed it into an old cardboard Starbucks cup. I painted the cup brown and will add some embellishments once dry. I have also covered a piece of doweling with green ribbon as I wanted to make a flower in a pot and then I can sit it on my workspace for the weekend and use it as a home decoration when I get home. Cute huh? I will post piccies when I finish.

In other news, last night I went to the library where Sheila Chandra, the author and singer/songwriter, was talking about her book ''Banishing Clutter Forever''. It was well attended by ladies, either this means men feel no need to sort out their clutter/didn't feel it was a manly thing to do or else sent their wives/girlfriends/mothers to do the research and report back. Anyway it was a g8 evening and Sheila talked really fluently and with alot of personal insight. Now I am a terrible hoarder and really bad at completing tasks. Luckily for you guys, scrapbooking doesnt seem to have the same task completion problem for me. I wonder why? Anyway she talked alot about decluttering your office space and we discussed emails. Today I have decluttered my email inbox by sorting out 920 emails into appropriate folders and deleting the rest. I now have an empty intray!!!1 Wow arent I good..................please give me a pat on the back.
One of the other things she described was how to declutter your wardrobe. Now to be honest I dont have that many clothes as alot dont fit, and I cant afford new ones so I live in the same small capsule of clothes. Sheila's idea is to open your wardrobe and look at it. You need to think of 3 words which describe you as well. Next starting at one end of ur clothes rail, you pick out all the clothes and try each one on. Does it fit? Is it past it's sell buy date? Does it fit your 3 word description of yourself? If the answer is no you bin it or send it to the charity shop. Then you sort your clothes by colour starting with black and working through to white so all your black trousers are together etcetera.
I am going to sit and read the book through properly, it is only a smallish paperback and cost £7.99. There is also a website and blog for further help and inspiration. I hope this helps me become a better homeowner and be more efficient and tidy. I'll let you know.
Do you have any inherent problems you feel need a good inspirational book/teacher to improve your life?


  1. Cool, I'm going to be doing Mel's challenge this week as well. It's good to know others that are doing it.
    Congrats on the decluttering you've already done. I definitely want to see your pictures of your finished product when you're done.

  2. Woa, that's a lot of emails! I've got about 300 at the moment and I know I need to work on deleting them. I don't think men really see clutter: they just filter it out!

  3. I'm definately not a minimalist....and whenever I do declutter.....a few weeks later I need the things I've just got rid of!!!
    But I am very good at deleting emails!!!

  4. I'm a banisher of clutter myself (though there is definitely more in my house since The Steve moved in!) so I tend to stay on top of tidying.

    However, I do have a big pile of old clothes waiting for re-styles and re-fashions. Don't forget that option before you send all yours to the charity shops x

  5. Woo hoo, can't wait to see your minibook! :-)

    The event and book sound really interesting, I should probably try out the wardrobe thing. I'm a dreadful hoarder. I also like organising things though, so at least my emails do get sorted into folders...

  6. ** Pat, pat, pat *** there, that's your back properly patted - feel good about it? Well done!

    My clothes are already sorted by colour. I have clothes in just about every colour and have found that this is the easiest way to sort them - along with a separate section of the rail that has long clothes like jeans and long dresses on it. That way it's easy to find what I want to wear and stuff is more likely to get worn, as I can see it easily and it's not buried amongst other, brighter/darker things. I have two rails, one above the other (for short stuff), so the knitted things go underneath, so that they don't get tangled in hangers from clothes below.
    Oh my wardrobe is ever so organised.... shame about the rest of my house!!!

  7. Sending the back pat ..... well done Jo!

    I'm at an impasse at the moment. I like neat and orderly without going over the top but because we are about to demolish a significant part of our house and renovate things are all over the place ... oh dear ;-) There are boxes waiting for me to fill as I purge our cupboards!


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