Monday 26 July 2010

Let's go for a walk................

So yesterday afternoon, the sun came out and my little friend Josh who comes every weekend with his sister and Dad to stay upstairs came with me on a walk around the grounds here at South Horrington. He helped me take over hundred fab photos which I picked a few of and made a simple collage. We were excited to find the beautiful dragonfly and some beautiful flowers, as well as some lovely shots of the hospital architecture. This fitted in wonderfully with Shimelle's prompt today about taking a walk and seeing what you find. Great minds think alike. I have applied some simple Picassa improvements but will play with them when I have more time.

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  1. Jolly Nice, as they say in Old England! That's such a lovely way to display a little collection of photos... I must try it out!
    Hope you're feeling much better now and have been able to get back to your job (and cope!).
    Have a good week (by the way, that was a seriouslly groan-worthy comment you left me today!)

  2. Love it! Have to come and visit you soon! ;-) Well, if you like!

  3. Jo I could transport myself over to your gorgeous part of the world right now! Beautiful photos - they work in with the prompt too!

  4. Oh, how lovely to see your locality - and it is lovely, too! :-) I haven't had nice enough weather to give this a go yet (hence the photo of my fridge...) but I love the idea of it xx

  5. It's so great to be back catching up with everyone! You have been so busy since I left, I hardly know where to start! I think I'll go with the Ella Pubishing prize..fantastic!! It's good to see you getting into crochet's looking good! And that vignette is really lovely.

    You Know Who was all chuffed with her Facebook message..I think she has probably given you most of our news. Thanks again for the Birthday Message :) xx

  6. Fantastic collage of a walk in the English countryside! Looks beautiful xxx

  7. WOW! Those pics are gorgeous! I want to take a walk with you! :)


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