Thursday, 22 July 2010

Oh happy day, oh happy day.....................

So question, what happened today that made me happy? Can you guess?...................I'll give you some clues:
  • it involved me jumping up and down and yes I know Snoopy dancing again,
  • it involved me doing somethings I havent been able to do for a while,
  • and it meant for once something was black!
Guessed yet, ok I got PAID!!!!!!!!1 My first proper pay packet since November last year. No more benefits, yey, no more worrying about where the next pound will come from, no more buying rubbish foods!
Hello, mozzarella cheese, blueberries, posh prawns, vegetables other than carrots, potatoes and broccoli and hello maybe a more healthy diet. Whoop for joy cos I've been paid.
So the sad news is I have to pay bills now, yuck, and yes there are alot to pay at the moment, so I think this pay packet wont last too long. Anyway I have treated myself to a train ticket to Sheffield for my friend Luke's 21st next month. I have also paid for and registered for Cathy Zielske's class Me: The abridged version starting in September which I really wanted to do. And now I can..................yippee.
Also today I had a beautiful email from the gorgeous Amy who is probably in bed right now being in Australia. I have loved her blog for ages and we do converse by email sometimes, although not as much as I should. Anyway ages ago she won a giveaway here on this very blog, and I sent it months ago, but as money was tight I send land mail ;-) Well it arrived safely today, I bet it could tell a few stories about the ways and means it got there by, maybe by camel, boaT, TRAIN, CAR, VAN, HORSE, OH GETTING ABIT OVEREXCITED NOW. Whoops.............back to lower case. So I think what I sent made her happy and I'm glad to make someone's day. It's lovely isn't it? Oh yes and fellow blogger and frined Lizzie has also won one of the fab prizes up for offer from the 10 fabulous scrapbookers decided by Ella Publishers. Congrats Lizzie.
So my question is what's made your day or week so far? I'd love to know.


  1. Hooray for your pay packet! And I'll see you in Cathy's class, can't wait!

    What's made my week? Well, seeing a couple of blog friends win prizes has been fab :-)

  2. Ah Jo, your great news has made my day! It's been a bit yukky, as I spent it taking my mum to Drs, because she couldn't breathe, then going with her to the hospital to be sorted out (asthma attack). We left there late pm with steroids and antibiotics, then I got her settled at home and made her lunch (at 4pm!) as she had only had half a sandwich since breakfast. She felt much better after some food and made me go home.
    DH has ordered chinese takeaway for tea, so that will cheer me up (I am just soooo tired this evening).
    Still, mum is ok and should cope, so long as I keep an eye on her. Best Friend and her kids are raiding at the weekend (I just updated my shopping order - Feeding The 5000 anyone?)
    Great news about your pay packet... dont' go totally nuts - you still have to make it to the next one!! But have a little fun - I hope you enjoy your train trip to see your friend.

  3. Oh! That first pay day. Isn't it a joy? A well deserved couple of treats for you Jo x

  4. Jo I'm still grinning from ear to ear about my lovely parcel - the mag is super great and I love the variety of styles it showcases - very different to Aussie mags.

    Yay for the first pay .... I'm so glad you signed up for Cathy's class - I'll see you there :-)

    Feeling better today - just a bit tired.

  5. Thats fabulous Jo! I also was thinking about the class with Cathy... haven't decided yet... but seeing some familiar faces would be great!

  6. congrats Jo! Enjoy it! i feel a scrapbook page coming on! he he! my highlight was probably getting paid for nannying this week! he he! no longer skint! mwah ha ha! xxx

  7. Yay for pay checks! What made my day today is getting up knowing I get to spend the whole day with Dan. Yipee!!


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