Saturday, 7 August 2010

Crafty times

So yesterday I took an annual leave day cos I seem to have alot added despite only just having started work. Mum and Dad came over and my mum and I did loads of cleaning! Dad got us fish and chips for lunch which were delicious and then they fell asleep. I was playing on the blogs I follow and putting up messages while they snoozed. The other reason for taking time off was for a delivery of my new mobile by DHL. If anyone works for DHL I apologise in advance but they are RUBBISH!!! Not only have they tried to deliver this parcel 3 times wrongly despite me being very clear about days etc. but now they have lost the thing and I have to start all over again. It's a mobile phone if your wondering, I got a g8 deal from the Carphone warehouse. Anyway hopefully, unless DHL mess it up again in which case I might go mental, it should be in the local shop on Monday.
Anyway yesterday and today I wanted to do some crafting as as u can see I have. I did loads of extra crocheting on my Lucy bag and it is starting to go into a bag shape. The sides are beginning to stand upright, cool. I have also done several new LOS. I found some old Scrapbook trends magazines and have scraplifted these pages. The big one in the middle is of my little sister and I havent got a title yet, any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. The 2 on the left are a double page spread about Bath and West show. The title reads......''Best in Show...........Bath and West 2010. It needs a little something but I love it. The top picture is of my sister and her beau, it for my mum's birthday album, she loved the LOs so far. The buttons u can see are a cardboard heart I cut out and have stuck the buttons onto. They are not quite dry yet but the picture sits just under and over the heart base with some extra elements at the bottom. The LOs on the right are one I found by a scrapbooker caleed ''Iam''. I t has several layers of card and pretty paper, ribbon, embroidery and photos, so far i have done............I am a daughter, sister, friend, i am artistic, l am a home girl. Once finished I'll put it up.
Finally for the lovely Mel some cupcake goodness from Absolute cupcakes who have now apparently openned their shop. Anyone for a trip to Lyme Regis with me. I'll but u a cupcake and a cuppa!
Off to do some blog reading
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  1. I'm loving these photo montages, but I'd also love to see a big shot of the fab sunshine/cloud thing you have going on there!

    Thanks for putting up my button. It's much appreciated :)

  2. Lovely lO's Jo. Echoing sian would love to see the LO up close as there is so much pretty detail there! You are on a roll! Abi xxx


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