Thursday 21 October 2010

11 years ago today I was.........................

Hopping over to Sian's today was exciting in two ways, first she always has something fun and interesting to share and today she shared some cute knitted doggies, one of which is a Westie and I loooooooooove Westies, secondly cos she had some cool new bloggie places to visit. Through this one, I found Location Central. If you find your State or country u can look for people who maybe live closeby to you, I found a lady who lives in Bath, just up the road.
Anyway, I was having a chat with Amy the other day who of course lives in Melbourne and she was saying the Melbourne cup, a massive race was coming up this weekend. I immediately remembered the day I won some omney at the Melbourne Cup way back when I staying with friends in Sydney. It got me to thinking about my trip and in it's honour, I looked up my diary from all those years ago. It was 1999 and I went to stay with friends in Sydney and travelled to Alice Springs and the Red Centre, Melbourne and back to Sydney. I spent my time doing some amazing things and on this day 11 years ago at 4 am I was here...............

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park...........

 I was travelling with a group of International travellers on a 4 night camping and trekking experience. We had been to King's Canyon and The Olga's and Uluru was our final stop. In order to get the most out of our time, we had to get up and be at Uluru by 4am to see the sunrise and walk around the base. The majority of us did this although a few people decided to climb the rock despite the Aborigine people asking you not to do this out of respect for this very sacred site. To them, Uluru is a sacred, living entity where there ancestors worshipped and came from. It hold central significance for them as a people. To me, it would have been like someone coming into my church and defacing the alter, so I didnt climb. The walk around the base was far more rewarding, as you could truly experience the majesty of the place and the individuality of each part. There smooth parts, rough and eroded parts, bit which looked like rolling waves. We even found some cave paintings. It was truly an awesome place.

I will never forget my time there.

Oh and as for the race, as I told Amy, Frankie Detori won and so did I, enough to have a thai meal on my last night with my friends. Speaking of food, Amy is leading a recipe bloghop this weekend so why not join us for some foody fun.

 JO JO xxxxxx



  1. ooh Jo thanks for sharing what an amazing experience that must have been for you. It is our one regret that we didn't get time to visit this wonderful place on our trip to Ozzy x

  2. Wow, what an amazing trip that must have been - really something to remember for ever

  3. Australia is on my list of places I really want to visit, and this post just stokes that fire!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Oh wow, amazing - I'm madly jealous!! I'd love to explore Australia one day :-)

    And I shall see you on Sunday for Amy's blog hop! xx

  5. Jo, isn't it amazing how the area is all flat and looming in the distance is this great big rock?! We walked around the base as well, I found it really interesting and such a different perspective to the usual images of Uluru.
    Perhaps I need to place a bet for you on the first Tuesday in November in your honour? ;-)

    See you on Sunday!

  6. How could I forget .... great new look here :-)


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