Monday, 25 October 2010

New classes and new ideas.

 Before we get started, do u like the new look. Owls are my fave so had to have these but how do I get my title to centre properly. HELP!!!!!!!! I sorted out the rest on my todd arent I clever but cant figure that one out, big hug to the person who can fix it.
So today saw the launch of the brand new Shimelle class 'True Stories''. The only pre-class prep was to get pen and paper ready and the pre-class video again stated pen and paper only required which in this world of grand technology is quite refreshing. I used to love writing letters especially. Every week, one of my days off involved me sitting and writing my letters for the week to grandparents, parents and friends. I used to tingle with excitement when the postman came with the replies and I still have most of my old letters in a box under my bed. It does make me sad sometimes to think I get so few letters these days, and only the odd card but I suppose we have changed. I talk to friends and family on the phone more now and briefly through emails. The most wiritng I do is on my blog and I don't always write there every day.

Anyway Shimelle's class is ALL about the writing. So I have chosen a book which I had had for a while and a matching pen. The prompts today were to think about some questions you may want to answer about yourself, like FAQs someone may want to know. Of course the aim will then be to scrapbook them so I have put my thinking cap on and so far have come up with a couple I feel I can share.

The first one is something which people come out with as a statement about me ''You are such a career woman''.............................. my response in my head other than ''WHAT ARE YOU WITTERING ON ABOUT?'' is usually ''Why do u say that because I'm not!''. I actually find the whole statement pretty offensive and it depresses me that people believe I live only for my career. Then I realise that basically they don't know me at all. My response is normally something like ''Well what else do you expect me to do? I have to earn a living and I haven't been fortunate to get married and have children, and I cant afford to go off and do something else so I have to do something in my job or else I'd stagnate''. So now I have to think of a way to put that question to myself. Mhhhhhh will need to put my thinking cap on again.

The second one is why have you stuck with nursing for all these years and how did it all start? Most people don't realise my grandma was a nurse in the 1930s and she was really the one who encouraged me. Plus I never thought of doing anything else really. So I will do some writing and expand on that one.

I can see this class being quite emotionally charged at times if I let it, so expect some tears before bedtime.

In other news, I have been picking up on various blogsites about this new app. For the Iphone which is being developed by Anam


I first heard about it on Rachel's blog and was intrigued and now several other bloggers have picked up on it so in the spirit of blog friendliness here are some factoids................

1. Currently the App will only work on the iPhone, iPad and iTouch - one app for all is what I believe.

2. There will be a Lite aka Free version with 12 sketches.

3. Each sketch has a sample layout and a supplies list.

4. The price will be $4.99 US for the full app and for that you get 104 sketches plus the 12 free ones.

5. The launch date is still early November - I am working towards the 11th of November all going according to plan.

It sounds like an exciting chance for us scrapbookers to have scrapbooking ideas on the move.


  1. Jo

    Loving the Owl layout on your blog. How very cute!!!!!

  2. i'm really enjoying Shimelle's new class, although having some trouble with the question idea. Did come up with a snarky list of all those questions my darling children always ask (what's for dinner, etc.) and one big question (How do you get everything done?). Used some of the other prompts, too.

  3. ooh thanks for the tip about the app and great response to the question Jo!

  4. I am often asked about my nursing career too as I have posted on my blog. Maybe people can't understand why anyone would want to spend so many years working in the NHS!! I ask myself that question sometimes about myself!! LOL!

  5. I have only had a brief glance at the first prompt - need to have a bit of a think and see what I come up with.

    Do you need to make the font smaller on your blog header or have curly on one line and scrapbooker on the other? Not sure otherwise with this template.

  6. Sorry, I can't help with the header question, but I do completely agree that writing letters needs to come back into fashion again. Soon!

  7. Hi Jo, love the little owls and the tree! So cute. I'm not sure about the heading, but I would imagine it's something in the HTML for the positioning of that line of text. Could ask Louise for help?
    Interesting thoughts about Questions... and people often do seem to assume things about others, without really thinking it through or taking the trouble to find out what really makes someone else tick. I suppose we're all guilty, at least sometimes, of assuming everyone sees the world in the same way as we do - or else they have to fit into our pre-made "people templates"!
    That i-pod scrappy app sounds fab. But I don't have an i-pod and I don't think DH would love me for adding it to his!


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