Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thank you xxxxx

Well, just wanted to say a BIG thank you for hopping over and reading my pledge post. I have really appreciated your lovely supportive comments. It has meant alot. It is amazing to be able to talk about myself in this way sometimes and I am not alone in that feeling. My friend Nancy Doren writes openly about her depression too. The one thing I would say is it's not right for everyone to be so honest but dont be afraid to try.

I am so lucky to have such supportive blogfriends here who enable me to write like this occasionally.
You have probably noticed I have been absent this week again and that is because a terrible event happened to my friend  Luke and family at the weekend. I am not free to discuss it in this place but please, if you can, pray for him and his family as they really need as much love as they can get. I am even more proud and humbled by Luke after seeing him this weekend. He truly is an incredible guy.

Tomorrow I am going with my mum to a craft fair, she got free tickets how cool. Somehow I will walk and she will hobble around..............she has cracked a bone in her foot. It also gives me an opportunity to give her the Mother's day gifts, as that all got cancelled with the events of last weekend, so I need to make it up to her and I am sure she will love the gift. I will tell u what I bought once she has seen it, cos despite the fact she is not likely to come on the blog, she could find out from someone else. I will also tell you all about my feltmaking workshop I went to last night.


  1. Please extend my best wishes to Luke and I will be thinking of him and his family.

    Good to see you back and looking forward to hearing about the feltmaking... I would love to try this and even pinched a wool jumper of my dad's so I could try it out!

  2. Thinking of Luke and family - I will remember them in my prayers. I hope they find the strength they need to cope with whatever has happened to them.

    Feltmaking sounds wonderful - I have read several things about felting and thought of trying it - but that would be yet another distraction from the things I *should* be doing! Still, I would love to hear about your workshop and see what you made.

    Enjoy your craft fair - feet and all! Take it slowly - it gives you a chance to stop and look at stuff anyway. I hope there are a couple of nice coffee stalls there - with seating! Have a lovely day. xx

  3. Jo I hope Luke will be ok, my thoughts are with him and his family - he is lucky to have you as such great support. Take care :-)

  4. I am very very sorry to hear this Jo, and of course he has my very best thoughts x

  5. Jo, I'm so sorry to hear about Luke and his family, my prayers will be with them and you xx


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