Sunday, 10 April 2011

Will you be camping with us?

Last year I took part in a 2 week exploration of crafts of a variety of kinds with the wonderful Maegan. This Spring she is again embarking on Creativity Boot Camp. Will you be camping in a tent, caravan, camper van or alternative more upmarket accomodation? Whatever you choose you'll be more than welcome to join in, all you need is the imagination and abit of time. It was definately fun last year and you can find more faqs and info here. You can also download last years ebook for free if u want to know what to expect.

CBC: Spring Training

So today I have spent much of the afternoon reading in the sun, Sian said this morning that she was doing nothing in the sun including no reading. I would get bored so I sat outside the flats with my selection of reading materials which included a copy of ''Cloth, Paper, Scissors'', some scrapbooking books and my latest read ''The Crimson Petal and the White''. It's currently being dramatised by the BBC but I am recording it until I've read the novel. I like reading some books for themselves first. I often find that I get more from the novel itself than from the dramatisation as there are, due to financial and plot constraints, certain parts of the book that will be removed.
I read alot so am quite up-to-date with the traumas of seeing your favourite book trashed by TV and film adaptations. I have to moan when they change important parts of a book. One of my all time favourite books has been ''Interview with the Vampire'' an amazing book by Anne Rice.

When the book was filmed by Neil Jordan, there was an outcry because one of the key roles was taken by Tom Cruise, who in his defence actually did an incredible job of portraying a not very pleasant character. Brad Pitt played the other main lead. The fact that they completely change the end was sacrilege in my book, however it was not as dreadful as what another director and screenwriter did to one of the follow ups in the series ''The Queen of the Damned''. Now that made my blood boil. Some fimlmakers however really do understand their craft and the importance of the initial novel, Emma Thompson's screenplay for ''Sense and Sensibility'' really stands out as a work of sheer love.

Also the 2 versions of Persuasion I have seen on the TV were superb. As you can see it features that star of stage and screen The Cobb at Lyme Regis which is one reason alone to watch. If need anything further there's always the very dishy Rupert Penry Jones!
Do you have any novel to TV/film translations which have traumatised you?


  1. I took part in Creativity Boot Camp last year but afraid I won't be paying to do it this year. I loved the BBC dramatisation of Bleak House - it was fantastic. And if it is the Cobb then it has to be The French Lieutenant's Woman - I did it as part of my english A level and we had a trip down there.

  2. While I can't do the Creativity Boot Camp (it's the start of summer semester teaching -- crazy time!) I did download last years ebook and information. Thanks for talking about his challenge on your site. Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you post!

  3. Hehe - I said I wasn't bringing a book. But that doesn't mean I mightn't have had the Sunday papers to hand..

  4. I really enjoyed Creativity Boot Camp last year, but I'm passing on it this year. I generally don't like movies based on books I've read, but some like "Room with a View" were superb--as well as the ones you listed.

  5. I'm on the fence about CBC. Although I really enjoyed it last year, one thing I REALLY liked was working in just one medium. This one appears to be different, so I'm not sure I'll get as much out of it.
    My biggest book to movie disappointment was The Shining. I loved the book and had really set ideas for what I wanted to see happen - such a disappointment! I have refused to see the movie version of The Outsiders, which was a total favorite pre-teen book for me.
    On the other hand, I love Dune and think the Harry Potter movies are pretty amazing.

  6. Ooh I'm a newbie to creative bootcamp! Might have to go and check this one out!


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