Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Help and advise.

Some of you may have noticed that I have made a few updates to the blog over the past few days. This has been partly in response to Shimelle's class and also to my personal plans for improving my blogging and blog design. I have started adding some new pages to the site and I would really value your help in how you think it is progressing.

I have added a more detailed description of my and wonder if you feel there is too much details. Having read other peoples I think I prefer saying a little more about myself than less maybe because I am that type of person. I have tried to focus on my interests though. I have also  begun adding in some classes I have done so my readers have a chance to see where my knowledge and interests have been expanded. I will be gradually adding to this. I have also added a page about my Bipolar. I have written about this before on the main blog but now feel that it should be seperate so that I can explore some of my experiences in a different way. I want to provide a link to others who have experienced or have friends/family who are experiencing these kinds of experiences too. This has been in response to the fact that I am currently again going through a depression period which is tough. I hate it and I find sometimes writing can help me get over it better. Sharing some of this with you is cathartic and I have always found you all so supportive.

I would really value your advise on whether the LO of the pages is ok and what I could add. Are there other pages you like to see on blogs and if so what makes them stand out? My personal favourite is Nancy's, she has a really classy way of setting things out. What do you think?

I would truly value your input dear readers in developing this place for you and future readers, so feel free to comment your views.

Jo Jo xxxx


  1. Hi - I can't get into the 'about me' or 'classes I have enjoyed' - there doesn't seem to be a link there?

  2. Jo, I think your pages are fantastic! I loved all the details on your About Me page - it's going to be a big hit, everyone will enjoy it. And your Bipolar page too. It is BOUND to reach out and speak to others in need of help. You could even add more to it - any useful sites, that kind of thing.

    Great stuff!

  3. I think the new Layout and the new headings look great. I feel I am getting to know you better and these pages add to that. I think your honesty about your illness and other aspects of your life have always shone through and I think your blog will continue to light up many peoples lives (possibly reaching even more people with bipolar now) xxx

  4. Hi Jo
    I love your new look blog - but I think Blogger is playing up and won't let me get to your new pages. I will be back later to see if I can check them out then. J x

  5. JO,
    I like the new blog header and LOVE the class/bipolar buttons. I especially love the little mini-reviews. I looked at Nancy's site and one difference between yours and hers is how wide her posts are. It does make it easier to read. But I don't think there's anything bad about your set up.
    Hope that helps,

  6. Jo....love what you're doing here.....and I much prefer having all the details in your profile...I'm always disappointed when I look at people's profiles and basically it tells you nothing abourt them at all!!!
    The only thing I'd change is possibly to make your borders a bit narrower....as Rinda said...it does make it easier to read.
    I love Nancy's blog as well.

  7. Hey Jo. I promise to pop back and have a proper look around the new blog set-up, but I did just want to let you know that I'll be thinking about you and hoping that you manage to get through this bout of depression. You know I'm here if you need a chat x

  8. I'm unable to click on the links at the moment, not sure why - but your b/g is really pretty - and yes agree, wish a little bit wider - probably a lot to do with my eyes. lol

  9. I love the detailed about me section. I always read them and it makes me want to read more on your blog. The classes section is helpful if looking to take one and trying to decide. The BiPolar part will help others to cope with this difficult illness. I like it all!

  10. Hi Jo :-)

    I have had a look at all of your pages and I think they are just the right thing indeed - you have written beautifully and honestly and with such a great sense of self and interest in your craft and your health issues.

    I agree with Rinda and Jacky that the main difference with Nancy's blog is that she has a wider section in her template, it can make it easier to read but I've need had a problem over here!

    Jo I really like that you have created a separate area for you to discuss your bipolar issues, I think it will help you to write more openly and hopefully that will be beneficial to you, especially now when you are going through a bout of depression.

    Take care dear girl, I am certainly thinking of you :-)


  11. Your pages are great Jo, It's nice to find out more about you...and about bipolar, I learnt a lot from reading that page. Thank you x x

  12. I couldn't get into the Classes or About me pages, Jo, so can't comment on those. But I read the others, and I think what you choose to share is absolutely up to you. I like the way you have the Bi-polar bit as a page, and people can click on it if they want. Good work in taking Shimelle's class so seriously!


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