Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 things on the 10th: have I ever told you?

of the 10 places I would love to visit/revisit before I die?
I have traveled abit, seen some of Europe and visited the USA and Australia to see friends, but if I had the finances these are ten of the places I would go to.................

1. The Grand Canyon North side,
the Southside was so breathtaking, it would be wonderful to see it all from another perspective. If you ever  get the chance to go, it is well worth it,

2. Australia (in general),
now I have somemore blogbuddies in Oz I have a gr8 excuse to go back and not only go to Sydney but some other places too. Last time I spent most of my time there and it is a wonderful city but only had a whistlestop visit to Melbourne and the Red Centre, so I'd like to come back please xxxxx,

3. Rome and Florence,
I have never been to either place but having done my Study of Art O'level I would love to see the beautiful paintings and sculptures, and just take in the historical cities themselves.

4. Barcelona,
Spending 5 days here was just not enough, it was such a beautiful city with some many amazing hidden treasures. I want to go back and see how Gaudi's cathedral has progressed since we last visited and maybe stay for a service. It is a wonderful building.

5. Japan
Shimelle has talked and photographed this country so often, I am fascinated and would love to go and see the beautiful countryside there when the cherry blossom is out. It looks stunning

6. India,
ever since I first saw ''The Jewel in the Crown' I have wanted to visit this country. I can imagine the heat, smells and sights. It is a huge culture shock from what I have been told because of many people living in such poverty. I feel if I went here though I would be doing something which would involved working with families living in these conditions through church for example. It is important to give sometimes in order to receive.

7. Canada
Somewhere along the way, as a family we have lost contact with part of our family who emigrated to Winnipeg back in the early 1900s. I would love to go and meet them and hear their stories and see pictures of their family to understand how their lives have developed in a new country and how that all fits into our family tree.

8. Antarctica
If I ever had enough funds and could figure out how to stop myself vomiting all the way there my ultimate trip would be here to see penguins in their natural habitats. I have seen the blue penguins in Australia but here it would be the piece de resistance.

9. Belfast
this would be to see a blogbuddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

10. New York
I had such a wonderful few days here with my friend but much like many cities you only get a small glance at what you need to see. I would love to go back and visit some of the other places we didnt really visit like Central Park, some of the museums and just walk around the places the girls made famous in Sex and the City.

So that's my ten, have you got some places you'd love to visit/revisit?


  1. These are fab ten places Jo! I think I might join you with Canada! Have a great weekend! xxx

  2. Lots of great places on your list Jo :) Canada is top of my list, having loved Anne of Green Gables as a girl. I was lucky enough to visit India for over month when I was 17 and would love to go back there.

  3. Oh, this makes me want to plan a vacation! So many wonderful places all over the world that deserve exploring. Great list!

  4. you must be very adventurous, a great list


  5. Fab list of 10 places, I would love to revisit Rome and the next time add Florence.

  6. A great list Jo, I can thorough recommend India and I hope you do manage to visit such an amazing country one day.

  7. Great list and for me Canada and Ireland!!

  8. great list~I haven't traveled much but we did go to isreal 10 years ago~I'm nervous about it now.

  9. What a great list Jo. I think for me Australia tops the list followed quickly by New Zealand and I would love to go back to Britain. We only had 5 days and it was all spent in London - I want to see more.

  10. Lots of great place description with snap you shared. I just now come my one of the great tour of Australia. I have seen the blue penguins in Australia and enjoyed lot in their climates.


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