Friday, 16 September 2011

Rinda's scavenger hunt the end!!!!!

So here are the final three items I needed to get to complete Rinda's scavenger hunt................

a fire burning in a fireplace....................this is the mother and father's fire being given an airing before winter....

a forest.......................this is some Forestry Commission conifer forest just up the road which I stitched together using an app on my iphone called Autostitch.....

and finally a person sketching outside their house. With a little artistic license I give you colouring in by Ebony.....

Yes I asked mummy's permission and can I just say she is so lovely outside and in.

So this was a fun hunt, hope you have managed to get your full quota too.


  1. Oh you're finished! Woweee - well done Jo! I bet Rinda will be so impressed (I know I am!)

  2. Wow Jo....I've still got a few to fact I don't think I'll manage them all!!

  3. Way to go Jo! I'm still looking for a beehive - perhaps I need to go find one tomorrow ( I think I know where one is).

  4. I just knew you would do it!! Well done. And that person drawing? I bet you get extra hits from that - I do with people googling "person drawing"!


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