Friday, 6 April 2012

Sian's photo questions answered.

Just wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for taking part in Operation Speak Out yesterday. I spent about an hour or so commenting on as many blogs as I could and I hope you all received lots of comments too.

Yesterday, the rather clever Sian had two blogposts, one on her own blog and one on Leo's for Quirky Kits. Hopefully she got twice as many comments too, hee hee. Anyway she was presenting a LO using a kit from Leo's shop called Photo Op  and posed the following questions which I thought would be fun to answer:

 So you could think about other photo-related musings:-
- If you could only save one photo from all the hundreds you have, if everything else disappeared, which photo would that be?
I would save the one taken when I started nurse training at The London Hospital back in 1984. I loved how I was photographed as I'm not that photogenic and I looooooved the uniform and that no longer exists I'm sad to say. 

 - If you could go back in time and take a photo you didn't have, what photo would that be?

I would have a photo taken of the first boy I kissed at school and had a huge crush on as he was very good looking and I could prove someone gorgeous actually fancied me back.
- Have you had a favourite camera over the years? Did your family take lots of pictures when you were growing up?

I haven't had a fave camera but I own three now. I have a Lomography camera which I haven't used much yet, my dad's old Pentax and the one I use everyday my Kodak digital point and shoot. And of course my phone..........

- How many photos do you take every month?

I sometimes take 100s but usually about 50-100 depending upon what's happening and some of those I'll use just for this blog and then delete.

- How do you feel about phone photos? (I think I'll be coming back to that one myself)

I like taking camera pictures especially unusual ones using different apps such as Hipstamatic and Photostitcher where you take 8-9 pictures and the app stitches them together to make a panorama style picture.

Or something even harder - what if photography hadn't been invented?
- We wouldn't see ourselves getting older
- We wouldn't be able to see if we had inherited any family likenesses
- But we'd remember anyway. Wouldn't we? What do you think? Could there be a layout in that?

I would hope I could find a creative means of remembering. I'd hope I had been given the gift or painting or perhaps make those silhouettes or cameos.

So now it's your turn. Could you answer these questions? And what would you do to remember if there were no photography?

Jo Jo xxx


  1. Really interesting post, Jo, and I am intrigued by the photo - I'd forgotten nurses wore little caps!

  2. Oh, wow! This is so cool! I'm not surprised that you'd want to keep that photo - it's beautiful. In fact, I'd like a copy of it myself! Did you take that camera one? I love that too. And the photo you'd go back to? Definitely relating to that one hehe

  3. Sian's post made me think about the pictures I missed when I didn't have my camera with me - mainly landscapes or street photography images.


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