Wednesday, 22 August 2012

LSNED 2012............MAKING A JOURNAL (1).

Just like buses I have started blogging in twos, or at least more than once in a blue moon. So recently I reminded you all about LSNED 2012 or for those who haven't done the class Learn Something New Everyday. I make a minibook/journal every year and this year is no exception. So I thought I would share my process with you.

Now I love buying new stock but there is so much scrapbooking stash in boxes in this house at the moment, I cannot justify it, so I have made myself a little kit of pieces I already had. I have been watching alot of Glitter Girl's videos and also love Shimelle Laine as you all know, so I have taken much of what I have learned from these ladies in order to put my kit together.

I like to have sturdy covers and I found some chipboard covers in my stash which I covered with a patterned paper I had in my stash. I have a great love for owls and so the owl image is perfect not only does it show my quirky side but also the wise old owl always learns something new everyday. I just used a stick glue to attach the paper to the covers and then weighted them under a rather enormous new Argos catalogue to ensure it all stuck down well.

Now here is my kit:

these are the shaped chipboard covers I found

cardstock in a variety of colours........
patterned papers...............
papers and pieces to cut up and use...............

letter stickers and thickers of course............

stickers and journalling stickers..............

envelops, labels, tags, ribbons, 
some Jenni Bowlin butterfly stickers, some Owl tabs from Paperchase and some tiny text comment stickers,

some Amy Tan labels and wooded letters............

some pink elastic cord............
my hand embroidered label tags inspired by Amy Tangerine..............

that Owl cover paper.

I didn't have a particular colour theme but went for papers which I thought blended well, I also found some papers with lines on which I thought brought out the ''school'' and learning idea. Most of these papers are several years old by the way. I chose a few pieces of coloured cardstock for pages and also some patterned papers and scraps of paper I found. I them found a bunch of embellishments like plain tags, envelopes, some Amy Tangerine tags, 3d stickers, journalling stickers. I also found some Jenni Bowlin bowling cards which are school themes and some tags which have quotes on. I then found some ribbons which I love. Normally I use ribbon to tie the minibook together but this time I have bought some pink chord elastic and I am going to use this alongside a covered button as it will allow for the minibook to expand as I add photos, journalling and embellishments to it.


  1. Your embroidered tags are brilliant!

    TSO is on the lookout for a jumper with an owl on the front - she says it's the thing to have this winter

  2. It looks wonderful already - will you keep all those things together so you can just grab them as you need them during LSNED?

  3. Sian - they have one in Asda.

    Not sure whether to do LSNED - haven't long finished last years - maybe if I did it without photos.........

  4. I love your stitched tags Jo, they are awesome :o) I think I may have been inspired to have another crack at it this year, having failed miserably before!

  5. Oh, you are so organized & ready for LSNED this year - I'm still trying to decide if I want to create a mini-album.

  6. It looks as though your kit for the class is going to end up as a super fun mini-album. I'm scrapping from stash too, so I've raided all my scraps.

    Love, love, love the hand-stitched tags (I've been waiting for them to appear since you mentioned them.) Do add them to the linky on my blog so you can stand a chance of winning some goodies xxx

  7. Jo, those tags are fabby!! And you know I match your excitement in counting down till Saturday... ;)


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