Saturday, 27 April 2013

Everything stops for tea x

Today I am joining in with Abi's monthly meme where you are invited in for tea and maybe cake and to share a little bit of my life as my friend. So without further ado, please come into the flat and sit yourself down. Move Willow if she's sitting in the comfy chair and she might even sit on your lap. I'll go make the tea and put out some cake.

Today I will tell you that I am hoping one of the most exciting things I have ever doing has happened. If everything went to plan, I was here

with these guys


doing this

The band are called The Feeling and Luke I should have been seeing them last week in Bristol. Sadly for a variety of reasons, they had to cancel their whole tour in April and it's been rescheduled for October. Because they are such wonderful people, they have arranged to do some extremely intimate acoustic gigs for a few fans and I am one of the lucky people who got invited. Sadly Luke has to work and I am gutted for him, however my friend Louise was going with me because she loves them too and also I feel better but not completely sane yet so a supportive friend will have hopefully prevented me from having a massively embarrassing panic attack on them.

Louise and I will hopefully have been to this exhibition at Tate Modern during the day too. We first saw his pictures way back in 1993 when we went to the USA for three weeks. So hopefully we had a gr8 time reminiscing about that visit.

I would tell you my latest crating exploits and perhaps share my crochet blanket with you. I might take you into my craft room where we could ohh and ahh over the fabric I have stored away to make a quilt and show you my new desk and storage. While we there we would smell the beautiful blue hyacinth bulbs which are in flower and providing a feeling of Spring in this small room. If you were feeling up to it, we might even get out some patterned papers and make a layout or a card and play around with the sewing machine to add some stitching. If I was feeling really naughty I might show you my Pass the Page layout which is going live here tomorrow and we would talk about how it all came together.

If the weather is nice, we would go for a walk around the grounds of the hospital and I would take you to my favourite tree and we could sit and enjoy the peace and quiet and the view across the lawns. Then we would come back and I would put the kettle on for more tea. I might play you my favourite song by The Feeling and if we were up to it we might have a boogey in their honour.

When the daylight faded, you would sadly say goodbye and I would give you some cake to take home and wish a you safe journey back to your loved ones. I would put on my favourite song again and wave you off probably with a fluffy cat in my arms.


  1. You lucky, lucky person. Have a brilliant time you deserve it. There is nothing like a gig to raise spirits :0)

  2. Hope you had a good time at the gallery and your private concert. sounds like a lovely day. I have a knitting pattern somewhere for a jumper inspired by Lichtenstein - in fact I have the jumper. I knitted it during the first Gulf War as my little protest, because it shows a plane on the front firing its missiles and an explosion on the back.

  3. Have an amazing time - how lucky to get tickets!
    I've enjoyed sharing a little part of your day with you.

  4. Wow! That sounds so exciting. Have a lovely time and thank you for joining me for tea! I have added your entry to the link!

  5. hoping your day out in London went well sounds like an amazing one xxx

  6. It would definitely be worth dropping in on you for lots of exciting chat like that. I hope you had a wonderful time

  7. Jo, what an exciting life you are leading. I would love to sit and craft with you, while we caught up on all of your exploits - I'll bring the cake x

  8. Would love to drop by. I love the Tate Modern, and I hope you had a great time.

  9. That sounds like lots of fun! We had a concert rescheduled on us due to the weather! Go figure :)


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