Monday, 22 April 2013

The London Marathon and 2 scrapbooking things x

Happy Monday everybody and were you glued to The London Marathon yesterday? Well I was. I was at my parents for lunch and secretarial duties and my mum and I were watching in the kitchen. Specifically we were looking for 2 people amongst the thousands.

One was this young lady, her name is Chelsea, she's in her 20s and when she was a week old I looked after her. She did herself proud by just completing the 26.2 mile run and I am so proud to know her. Here she is in her finish photo. Go girl you rock.

The second person is someone I've never met but sponsored, he's an actor and I should be seeing him a play next weekend if my Bipolar behaves itself long enough. His name is Chris and he is also amazing for finishing.

And now onto the scrapbooking bits. Firstly did anyone do Shimelle's newest class last autumn called Scrapbook Remix? Well I did and Shimelle is doing a re-run starting today for new purchasers and also the class alumni. If you haven't sent her an email yet then hop over here for the details. Here is Shimelle's class description:

 photo via Shimelle's blog

Scrapbook Remix is an online scrapbooking class that shares the secrets to mixing patterned papers of all kinds and then creating a range of pages with this combinations. We’ll talk colour, pattern, scale, size, technique and more. The class includes both PDF and video prompts: a total of twenty full-colour PDFs and eight videos over four weeks. In each PDF prompt, we start with a different paper collection, then analyse it and remix it with other papers and embellishments to create four or more different looks. The video prompts include a mix theory discussion (showing exactly why some patterns do and do not work well together) and the step-by-step process for creating specific scrapbook pages.

Hope to see you in the class forum and I will aim to share some work from the class here too.

Secondly on the scrapbooking front, this Sunday a group of bloggers and scrapbookers are having a bloghop called ''Pass the Page''. This was the brainchild of Julie and the premise was that she would design a layout and send it to the next person on the participants list, they would scraplift that page and pass it on the next person and so on. The trick is you only get to see the page you are passed and your page until this Sunday when all the pages are revealed. Interested? Then come here Sunday 28th April and see what we all made. 

So lots of fun things to look forward to this week and a secret event I'm attending, again if the Bipolar behaves, which I am so excited for you would not believe.


  1. Pass The page sounds like a lot of fun & Im sorry to have missed out! But I will be checking it out on Sunday to see what you all made. Have a good week Jo xx

  2. Yep, I'll be looking out for Pass the Page too!

    Wow, that's a big thing, watching someone from all those years ago all grown up and achieving amazing things

  3. Oops! have made me realise that I have said Saturday for 'pass the page'...must go and rectify that!
    Alison xx

  4. Now I know why I'm seeing posts from this class again! Loved watching people take it the first time around (even though I'm not enrolled; I feel like I learned something).
    Training for 13 miles makes me realize how very, very long 26 would be! Congrats to your friends.

  5. I can't wait for pass the page on Sunday!! My nephew ran the London Marathon and hubby and DD went to watch tho I had to stay home with poorly son..... shame I would have loved to have been there with all the family cheering him on.


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