Thursday, 1 August 2013

Look up, look down x

Well this week has been a bit of a funny one, mainly because I've felt so ill but thankfully I am feeling much more myself again today. So to the case in hand, Look up, look down in association with Helena.

If you'd looked down the other night, you'd have seen much activity from two very happy and lovely children. One was painting dinosaurs red and blue, and the other was digging for gemstones with a plastic hammer and chisel. It whiled away alot of time before bed while there mum and dad spent an evening out.

The next day if you looked up, you'd have seen my friend Sarah and those two children walking back along The Cobb  while we waited for the sea fog to lift.

You would have also seen the multicoloured kayaks adorning the harbourside

If you'd looked down about an hour later you'd have met this rather nippy customer while we were out rockpooling. We caught two, showed them to mummy and then put them safely back in their pool.

You might have also seen two old friends comparing nail polish, mine pink and hers lilac.

If you looked up by the harbour you'd have seen an old Victorian price list for all manner of interesting purchases.............

and if you'd looked down at one stage on the beach you'd have seen Graham building the perfect sandcastle apparently.....................

And finally at the end of a long day and me starting to feel very yucky, we sat and had some wonderful fish and chips in Charmouth, they were delicious....................



  1. I love your seaside-y pictures, especially the Victorian price list. Up and Down..I hope the next week sees more ups than downs x

  2. I love these pictures Jo, especially the colourful kayaks and the crab! There's nothing like spending the day at the beach. Sorry to hear you've been feeling ill, but hoping that things will great for you next week. Hugs xx

  3. What great, happy pictures! I hope you continue to feel better.

  4. Love your photos and the stories. Are you still doing FYV? I have missed seeing your comments!

  5. I have to say that the sandcastle really DOES look lost perfect!
    Alison xx


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