Wednesday 15 January 2014

Zoom in, zoom out x

This year, Helena has changed it up again and instead of looking up and down we are Zooming in and out. Such gr8 ideas my blogfriends have.

So here is my first adventure into this meme. I came back from a trip to Bristol last week and went for tea and cake, of course, in a local farm shop. Whilst I was there I met this rather golden chappy.......

but what was really superb about this little guy was that his tank was actually here......

yep he was my table. What a brilliant idea and it made for great fun whilst eating and drinking that cake.


  1. What an original idea! A great subject for your first zoom in zoom out photos!

  2. Jo, I had no idea that was going to be the table!

  3. Super capture and how unusual! That's a great talking point ... Did he get any crumbs?

  4. Very nice!
    I would not have guessed where you were either.


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