Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Club x

Ooops, she says with her head held in shame, I forgot to do my Christmas club entry for Sunday. In my defence, I was actually doing a Christmas activity to tell you about and better late than never.

Oh sorry, what is Christmas club I here you ask. Well, way back in a time when we bloggers were still in our infancy, the lovely Sian suggested the rather whimsical idea of sharing a Christmas story on the Sundays leading up to Christmas. This then turned into Storytelling Sunday. Alas Storytelling Sunday had to be archived but the Christmas club was reborn for 2014 and so those of us who enjoy a good tale will be telling of Christmases old and new over the coming Sundays. So shall we begin?

For me, Christmas, despite all the preparation and seeing decorations, receiving cards and even presents, doesn't begin to feel real until the Reindeer Parade.

What is the reindeer parade? It is an event organised by Wells Rotary club when Santa parades down the high street with his helpers and some rather beautiful real reindeer from the Scottish Highlands. On the first Sunday of December he flies in on his sledge and brings Christmas cheer to Wells and all the people from roundabouts. He also helps to raise money for our local air ambulance.

For me this has become a part of my Christmas celebrations for the last 6 years now and I so enjoy seeing the sights of all the children's faces full of wonder and excitement to see Santa and even more to see proper reindeer. It takes me right back to those childhood moments of going to see Santa and him asking what you would like for Christmas.

It also reminds me of the simplicity of Christmas, that it's not all about the mad present buying frenzy or the fear you'll offend someone by getting the wrong thing. Christmas is about the simple fact that one tiny baby was born who would ultimately alter our world forever. I am not asking you to believe the same as me, there are many different faiths in this world who believe different things.

The simple things I enjoy at Christmas include this very special event but also reindeer cos who doesn't love a reindeer?


  1. Who doesn't love a reindeer! They are magical and looking at these pictures it's easy to see how this would be a highlight in your Christmas calendar. seeing a reindeer parade? i think I'll put it on my bucket list!

    This is lovely Jo. It's an absolute pleasure to have you clubbing again :)

  2. Do you suppose the reindeer think the season has begun once they are in the parade as well?


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