Thursday 19 February 2015

Pinterest - how not to pin x

Hey everybody and today I wanted to chat about a few issues I've been having with Pinterest recently.

I love Pinterest. It enables me to find words, pictures, ideas and inspiration for all aspects of my life, whether that be crafting, cooking, journalling, One Little Word, blogging, crocheting and loads of other brilliant things. However there are a few things I've noticed some pinners do which quite honestly drive me round the bend.

When I pin, I really want to just to pin and go. The problem is that some pinners don't perhaps think of other pinners when they pin so here is my small list of things to do wonderfully so that you share your pins perfectly.

First, and I make this my number one because it's so important, make sure that you pin the correct site.
Lately, I have pinned something say a blogpost, and when I've come back at a later date to read that post I have found that I needed to trawl back through several bloggers pages to find the original. Not only is this a real time waster, but also not great for the originator of that blogpost.

Next Please, Please, Please DO NOT pin the whole blog. I've found a wonderful pin and then discover that what was pinned is from 2 years ago on that person's blog so now I have to trawl through pages of posts to get to the one I want. Nowadays alot of bloggers actually pin their posts so it makes life much easier and is something I need to do myself. So optimise your pinning by using the gadgets bloggers have kindly used on the posts.

Spammed pins also seem to be popping up and taking me to porn sites which is seriously disconcerting for the viewer, need I say more.

I have also had pins which go to closed sites, for example a class where content is limited to the students and sites requiring a password. Be careful what you are trying to share as you might be breaching someone's copyright.

Now I have to be honest here and admit I've not always been the greatest pinner in relation to some of these issues, however I think I have become much better at ensuring the pins I have are directly linked back to the correct person, aren't spam and are linked back to the specific post. I am certainly loads more careful these days to check things out prior to pinning having been caught out in the past.

So here are my list of tips to help improve Pinterest for us all.

Pinterest How To
  • Check the pin for it's original source and pin that
  • Make sure you only pin the exact blogpost
  • Use the pinning gadgets bloggers have added to their posts 
  • Add Pinterest gadgets to your posts to help make pinning easier but do it correctly.
  • Check what you're pinning prior to sticking that pin on your boards
  • Spamming is bad
  • Check you're allowed o pin from certain sites like educational classes

If anyone has anything else they'd like to add to the list please let me know and I'll update it for future reference xx


  1. You are so right! I've unfollowed pinners who pin stuff which doesn't link through properly. It's so frustrating. And I couldn't agree more about the copyright issue. Pinterest makes it too easy for the copyright owner to get lost in amongst all the pins and repins

  2. I've never really gotten on to the pinterest band wagon.

  3. Excellent points, I haven't been sent to any porn sites yet, long may it last!

  4. What a great post, so helpful :)


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