Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Two on Tuesday x

Hello and I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, didn't eat too much chocolate but enjoyed yourselves whatever you and your family did.

Today I would like to share with you two things which I found interesting and useful to me.

Firstly a post on self-love and dealing with rejection in life. I have been dipping in and out of Marc and Angel's blog for a while now and have really found their thoughts on life and its challenges very, very helpful. I haven't said anything much on here about my personal life recently but I have been using an online dating site to try and meet a life partner. One of the things I have always found incredibly tough is the feelings of overwhelming rejection and pain in dating. It is something I have struggled with since I had my first crush as a teenager. The article I am sharing today is not giving you the answers to everything but I found it quite uplifting and more positive than some of the advice you are offered. You know stuff about fish and sea or the they're not the one for you malarky. You can read the full post here.

Secondly, I do have rather an unhealthy love for the minibook of a scrapbooking variety. After the number of pictures I took at Lacock the other week, I can feel a special mini coming on for that occasion.

This month the lovely team at Write Click Scrapbook are having a whole month, yes a whole month, focusing on the minibook. So far I'm loving this travel album by Christina C.

I love the beautiful wood veneer globe cover and the pink and gold numbered tabs.

And this accordian pocket album by Jenny Larson who used a premade album by K and Co.

Having places to put extra journalling and photos in is something I love doing with my minibooks so I'll be looking out for ideas to do just that too.

What exciting things have you found to inspire you this past week?


  1. A minibook about Lacock sounds like a brilliant idea.

    I've been knitting this week, so googling sock yarn has been my inspiration

    1. Googling sock yarn sounds the perfect inspiration Sian xxx

  2. I think mini books are lovely. Those gold tabs on the first one are perfect.

  3. Mmm ... there is something about a travel album that just sends me into transports of delight :). Yes, Mark and Angel have some good things to say.

    1. Travel albums are lovely if you're travelling somewhere, I miss travel :(.

  4. That is a gorgeous album! What a great find :)


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