Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Two on Tuesday x

Hello and welcome to ..............

I'm keeping it brief today as it's been a bit busy around here.

So firstly I'd love to share with you a little video my friend Jackie shared on Facebook. She's a London Hospital nurse too and found this amazing film on YouTube from the 1960s. There is no sound but it gives a glimpse into nursing at The London back then and more looks at the fab uniform we had.

Secondly, the lovely Will from Bright Bazaar shared some new pictures he's recently acquired by a photographer called Gray Malin. My fave picture on the site so far is one called "Heart balloons" and can be found here. It combines several beautiful elements for me:

  • balloons,
  • colours of the rainbow and 
  • the SEA


What interesting pictures/videos have you spied this week?


  1. Oh gosh, that hospital video! What a treat to have the link, Jo. I was in hospital (not that time) as a child around that time and recognise so much of it - thermometers under the tongue, watches pinned to aprons, and those pretty puffed sleeves and lace-edged hats. Thank-you for a trip down memory lane!

    1. Happy to help lol although bot sure you really wanted to bo reminded of being un hospital Alexa xx

  2. Sorry, meant ' not that ONE'.

  3. I absolutely love that picture! Thanks for sharing x

    1. All the others were amazing but that one was perfect x

  4. I loved the hospital video. It takes me back to those "Sue Barton" nurse books I used to devour when I was a young teenager.


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