Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Two on Tuesday x

Good morning and welcome to Two on Tuesday the weekly post where I share things which I have found on the Internet, read, bought or just found inspirational.

Firstly, I would like to share with you a beautiful new kit club from right here in the UK - The Lollipop Box Club. I first read about this club on the beautiful blog of Curlywiggles who had the chance to receive a review sample box. It looked so beautiful that I went off to explore the website and find out more. The founder is Lisa, a crafter, vintage lover and of course a scrapbooker. The club only began last month and each moth the box you receive has a theme. The first kit was Alice In Wonderland.

Lisa describes the club as.......................

A Lollipop kit is a fun monthly kit that’s delivered to you every month.  On the 1st of every month a new theme will go on sale. The contents will vary every month keeping it fresh and exciting for you and full of surprise.  There will be a variety of crafts, vintage findings, cute stationery, a super easy mini DIY kit, handmade goodies, homeware, jewellery, a mystery gift for you and of course a handmade lollipop for you to enjoy whilst opening up your fun kit.  The contents will vary every month, so one month you may not get any jewellery, but you may get an additional piece of stationery.
Our kits are handmade and hand sourced.  The contents and colours may vary.  Each kit is unique in it’s own way which is why we love them so much. They are not mass produced.  We only make a certain amount of kits every month.  A lot of love, care and time goes in to each and every one.
I received my kit this morning and it is so pretty I didn't want to unwrap anything but I have to admit I did and it is even more lovely once unwrapped. The box is all wrapped in twine on arrival and there is a personal note inside from Lisa. And here is how it all looked..............

 First in the theme of Alice, an Eat me lollipop. Hopefully I won't shrink or grow taller once eaten. That would be a laugh.

A really small handmade clip holder which is magnetic so you can put it on the fridge or any metal board. Then a red pen with an origami bunny and a pocket full of punched hearts and some flower paperclips along with a Love rubber stamp. I plan on using the stamp in my parent's Golden wedding pages.

An envelope with red, heart shaped buttons and a roll of washi tape as well as two bunny clips.

A tea party kit because it wouldn't be an Alice theme without one. Inside the envelope are two invites and envelopes as well as a card with toothpicks on the back with a full explanation of how to make little party flags. I feel the need to invite friends round for tea and cake now, not exactly a hardship really.

The crochet heart is a hair clip.

Then an envelope with......................... open me...............

Inside was a handcrafted tag and on the back are 2 lovely hair clips which will be great for my very long hair.

A scroll with two sheets of book paper...........................

An envelope with drink me on...........................

Inside were a range of paper items including vintage pages, vintage playing cards, some sticky notes and a lovely paperclip.....................

Have to say I'm really looking forward to using the kit and for next month. The next kit is called Bon Voyage and looks amazing too................................

Secondly let me introduce a gadget. I am always intrigued by new things which could help me to print out pictures on the go. I have a Polaroid Pogo which prints out small pictures although sometimes I find them a little dark. But this gadget looks intriguing.

It prints direct from your phone via wireless and uses instant pictures, much like a Polaroid, to print your images. The fun part is that via the App you can use a variety of templates to add to your pictures and also add dates and information like where the picture was taken. 
Price wise it comes in on Amazon.co.uk at around £120.00 with the Fujifilm around £13.00 for 20 pictures. It seems to use the same film I have for my camera the FujiInstax mini which is the modern version of a polaroidstyle camera. The pictures are really clear and process virtually instantly.

I wonder if anyone has one of these printing gadgets yet and if it is as much fun as it looks. I can imagine it would be great for scrapbooking away weekends hint hint for September.


  1. Okay, lots of things here!! First that kit does look lovely. Lisa invited me to like them over on FB and I went for a look and thought it was a fab concept. Definitely liked it! Second..you might just have pointed me back in the direction of Curlywiggles whose blog I read for ages. Then for some reason I thought she'd stopped. have to check it out thank you. And finally..that printer looks excellent. I have an Selphy, but not the version which prints from my phone. Being able to do that would be wonderful.

  2. Now that's a great piece of kit, if it prints from the phone - I imagine this will be very popular! I must let my DD know :). And the kit contents look very pretty and it's going to be fun spotting the bits on your pages and creations.

  3. Ah how cool, glad I helped someone find these wonderful kits! Lisa is the best, you will love them.


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