Monday, 1 June 2015

Me on Monday x

Brought to you in association with Sian.
This weekend was a mixed bag really. Weatherwise it was really sunny and really rainy. Time was spent in the garden potting up plants bought at the May fair. Having to have plants in pots because of renting and the potential of having to move anytime is always a challenge, but this year I've added some lovely new grasses, a Sedum, some herbs my mum grew from seed and soon tomatoes will be taking up home.

It's also been a tidy up the house ready for the letting agents to do their three monthly check. It is highly stressful for a fleeting visit into the cottage to make sure I'm not doing what I shouldn't.

It's also been a weekend of catching up with washing, blogging preparation and blog reading, writing reports for college and revising for a bookkeeping test, watching birds bathing in puddles and Willow sunning herself and bringing in half the neighbours garden on her tail.

But it's also been a time for sitting and reading, watching "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" and enjoying life in general.

Hope your weekend was fun too.


  1. The garden is looking lovely.

  2. Sounds like your weekend weather was the same as ours! I like planting things in pots so that you can move them around the garden to fill in gaps as the season progresses. Fab photo of the birds nest too!

  3. It's looking very picturesque!

    Yes: I'm enjoying Jonathan Strange too. And "1864": have you been watching it?

    Have a great week Jo


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