Monday, 8 June 2015

Me on Monday x

Happy Monday x

This weekend was a relax after the new routine of the week kind of weekend. The weather was lovely again so there was some washing out to dry, some weeding, some dead heading and some sitting outside reading a book time.

There was also a little bit of celebratory stuff, for myself anyway, as I have now gained my Level 3 OCR Business Administration Award, only one more module to go and I'll also have the Certificate. It was also a weekend to reflect on the new role I have taken on in my work and planning for the future. I'm thinking of doing another course come September, part-time again, but undecided as to whether to go forward or not.

There was a bit of Pinteresting, mainly around hair dos as my hair has gotten so long now, I need to learn some new ways of styling it. Yesterday it was a Heidi throwback, two plaits wrapped across my head. I've been looking into messy buns though as my hair is curly so I think I can carry it off.

There was also some creativity involved. A bit of playing with watercolour paints, practising pretty handwriting and finishing off an album for a class I've been doing.

All in all, a lovely time.

What have you been doing?


  1. Well done on your achievement, Jo! And that sounds like a creatively restful weekend to celebrate. I've not heard of messy buns - I think I need to have a little Pinterest look myself :).

  2. Well done! Wasn't it a glorious weekend for finding jobs to do in the garden?

  3. Well done you! I think your hair is gorgeous..I've always had a little crush on it :)


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