Monday 16 November 2009

Little City..........

So today I have been out into the big city of Wells where I live. It is actually the smallest city in England, and possibly the UK. Some people will recognise it as it was the main backdrop for ''Hot Fuzz' one of the funniest films ever my opinion.
You can often hear visitors say ''Is that the well known supermarket chain used in Hot Fuzz?'', ''Didn't they film Hot Fuzz here?''.......... well yes they did and very cleverly hid the fact that there is a massive cathedral right in the middle!!!!
Anyway it's a lovely place to live and I wanted to get some piccies of the local the swans. They are famous as they can ring a bell for dinner......I kid you not. So I dragged my mum off to the moat after lunch to take some pictures. The other reason for going into Wells was to see what was wrong with the camera my dad had given me. It's his old posh Pentax 35mm camera with all the flash lenses. I've been trying to use it for ages but the film wouldn't catch onto the runners correctly so off I went armed with said camera to the camera shop. Suffice to say I'm obviously having a blonde period,...................sorry to any blonde ladies I luv you all, and I hadn't been doing it correctly. So now I can I will be trying out my flashy lenses and trying to get some more interesting shots.
....................Anyway back to the swans. There were 4 cygnets which were half ugly ducklings and half swans with their white plummage coming through. They live on the moat of the Bishop's Palace and were very happy to be photographed today thank you very much. So here are a few pictures............


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Wells does look lovely

  2. Lovely pictures! Also, your blog header and background are gorgeous!! I want something like that!!

  3. Great've obviously got the hang of the camera now....wish I could get the hang of mine.....I'm an awful photographer.I've never been to Wells,but it looks lovely....and I really enjoyed 'Hot Fuzz'....hilarious film.

  4. Looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Glad there was nothing really wrong with your camera - even if it did involve embarrassment to find that out. We're all entitled to a mistake now and then.
    Wells does look lovely. I have never visited, and now I want to!

  5. I LOVE Wells! My grandparents used to live there so many happy memories :) really wish I'd made it to the carnival this year!
    And Hot Fuzz is brilliant, of course :)
    Glad to have found your blog through Shimelle's class :)

  6. Very pretty! Love Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, just love their work!

  7. I love these photos. I've never seen Hot Fuzz, must check it out.


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