Friday 20 November 2009


So here I am randomly bloghopping/training this am and I find I have been awarded the same blog award by Katy asnother lovely blogger. How sweet is that? Twice in one week.
Anyway, as I have done the questions already I'm going to choose some other bloggers to send the award to, just need to have a think who. In the meantime please go over to Katy's blog Dotty Diva's, a. cos it's ace, b. cos they're are all cool, c. it has challenges and d. they're doing a bloghop this weekend for .........PRIZES.............

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  1. Jo! I'm just wondering if you ever got my e-mail? I would totally hate for you to think I never replied, but sometimes they do hit junkmail. Let me know if you still need to know about Namibia? x


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