Friday, 1 January 2010

The end is the beginning............ bye bye David Tennant what a time you have given me. I have laughed, hidden behind a cushion, yelled at the tv, cried-alot-, been awe inspired, gone a trip across the stars and now it's over for me and you but a new Dr has come and good luck Matt Smith...........


  1. Dr Who was on the telly last night - the Mars episode .... that's how we spent our New Year's Day night, outlandish aren't we?

  2. Ah, we got the Final Episode with David Tennant - hence Jo's post. We were trying to (politely) get rid of our guests before 6:40, when it started. they didn't go quite on time, but then we were so lucky to see them all and we didn't mind. There is always BBCi-player! We saw most of it anyway - very exciting!


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