Friday 1 January 2010

It makes you think................

..............I have been contemplating writing this post for days it seems and before I began it was seriously going to be a complaining tirade on the traumas of 2009 which seem to be ongoing into 2010 already. However, despite her apparent youth, she is a young lady of latter teenage years, I believe very strongly that this young woman has her head screwed on the right way. I am always barking on about how improtant God is and I go to church and read my Bible. I have truly awesome friends who really do walk the road. I often feel like a failure in comparison because I seem to fall flat on my face most of the time. Even when I try to help a friend in need something goes wrong. As an example this week I came home from the Xmas holidays feeling uplifted and positive. I had a fab birthday and Xmas and came back here to my flat positive about applying for jobs and getting my life back on course. However within 2 days I was right back at rockbottom with a dead car, head gasket has blown, and no money cos the Benefits haven't been sorted.

Anyway, today Abi has restored my spirit a little with her blogpost about her walk with God and response to how she wants to move forward this year. So it set me thinking about I really wanyed to happen this year. I have decided a fedw things:
1. I am going to work hard at trying to find a job I enjoy and improve my absenteeism,
2. I was given a present I asked for from my sister CALLED yOUR wELLNESS jOURNEY which a class from Ali Edwards site and looks to improve your wellness holistically not just about your weight or diet etc. One of the great things it says is to throw away the scales. So I am going to make a pledge to improve my ''wellness'' this year,
3. I aim to improve my crafting. I began sorting out my stash last night and discovered so much plain card I could probably make plenty of pages and minibooks etc to build a library of albums. Add to the paper, ribbon, buttons, bling and embellishments, I really need to work through it all. So I need to STOP BUYING anymore stuff. I am going to try and do some of the challenges I follow and sue the stash I have.
4. I AM GOING TO THINK POSITIVELY. So dear reader, this is where you all come in. Please tell me when I'm not keeping this one will you?
5. I am going to keep up my blog as frequently as I can as I really enjoy it and have made some lovely friends through it in a short time. I have Shimelle's list of hints for a yearly blogpost to read and will plan some posts to go up.

..............So there I think that's enough for one post. Now I am thinking of reducing my stash somewhat by putting some packages together so will come back with some stash to win later over the next couple of days.

Anyway I wish all my blogging friends and visitors a very Happy New Year.


  1. may you keep up with your goals~
    merry new year!

  2. thanx nadine, tried to comment back but can't access ur blog
    Jo xxx

  3. I love that you've decided on really positive aims for the coming year....looking at a half full bottle,rather than a half empty one really can make a difference.
    Thanks for reminding me about Shimelle's year of blogging...must go and look at that.

  4. Good for you Jo! Happy New Year!
    LOVE the new blog look .... FANTASTIC!

  5. Happy New Year Jo! Sorry it took me a couple of days to get to this post.. I 'm a bit behind.

    I wish you the best year in 2010 and will gladly try to support your resolution to be more positive - it's something I have been working on myself ad I know it can be hard sometimes.
    It's worth bearing in mind that everyone - even those who appear to live "perfect" lives, such as your friends who "walk in the light" - has bad days, failures and problems. It is part of being human. No-one recognised that more than Jesus and there are so many passages in the Bible, recording his sympathy and compassion for those who were having difficulties. The real thing is to keep trying. The first step is one you have already taken - to resolve to keep trying!
    So, Happy 2010 to you (and I hope your money situation is soon sorted out so you can get your car back, also that your perfect job turns up very soon).


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