Friday, 8 January 2010

Music, music, music.

Welcome to our Music bloghop. We chose this date as it is Elvis's birthday. Little known facts about Elvis include:
  • he was born at 4.35 am in 1935 and was a twin,
  • he was a black belt in karate,
  • he recorded over 600 songs and had 18 number 1 hits,
  • he was blonde naturally,
  • Elvis’s favourite toothpaste was Colgate. His favourite aftershave was Brut. And his favourite soft drink was Pepsi

Here is a list of all the bloggers taking part today if you get lost on the way.

rockchickhelen: Helen (host)
LauraY: Laura
AntheaG: Anthea
GlitterGirl: Tracey
Cerublue: Siobhan
JoJoSowerby: Jo
naddie: Naddie
DeanaB: Deana
MelissaG: Melissa
April290: April

Now we are going over to meet Naddie and find out her musical affiliations. Now she's been poorly over Xmas and is way behind on lots of things but she manages to cook, care for her children and DH, she has a list of books to die for and she hasn't scrapped much lately so lets pop over her and see whether she's managed to get some time to herself..............happy dancing/singing...... But before you go, I said my godmother was abit of an opera star. Well here is little clip I found of her doing the Merry Widow as it should be done, enjoy...........


  1. ah, talented you are, I see (:

    thanks for sharing Jo! ^^

  2. Fascinating to read about your journey, do you still do a lot of singing now. I love singing along to music myself, but other people don't like it so much as i'm such a bad singer, oh well. Thanks for joining in the blog train.

  3. Wow, I knew you were musically inclined, but hadn't realised how talented you actually were! It's a great layout, too. Thanks for sharing :-) Oh, and for the video of your godmother too! x

  4. Jo, u never cease to amaze me! Sounds like you are really passionate in your singing, do u carry it on? I love music and find it's such a great way to worship as well as being great fun too! You are very talented! Will hop along to the other blogs now and see what they have to show me! xxxxxx

  5. Love these layouts,Jo.....and haven't YET succumbed to the furry animals!!

  6. Dame Felicity is lovely, isn't she? You are lucky to have such a godmother, but it's sad if you really did let that put you off pursuing a singing career? Do you still enjoy amateur singing - it is quite different to nursing and something that you could relax with? Sounds as if you have had some great times with your singing in the past - and that you are/were quite talented in your own right (never mind godmothers!). What about your piano playing? I play the piano, though I'm very out of practice and a couple of years ago I fulfilled a long-held ambition to learn the classical guitar. Did very well, til I hurt my back. I'm just getting back into it now and need another teacher, as mine is now too busy for private pupils. I did join a choir a few years back, but it was just when my asthma developed and I lost my singing voice for a while and had to give up. Still, it's lovely to be able to make music, in whatever way I can.

    I love your layout about your music hobby - very classy!
    Also the Elvis stuff is fun and interesting.
    And as for Dame Felicity and her Hannah... I also found The Vilia Song - she is wonderful. No nasty squeaky stuff. Very lovely. I would like to see her Merry Widow some time!

  7. Wow, how cool to have a Dame (no less) as your Godmother, I'm listening to her whilst typing this, she does have an amazing voice!
    Love your layout too, it looks suitably sparkly and blingy :)

  8. fun layouts! Your embellishments are wonderful.

  9. Fantastic post Jo! I really enjoyed reading it. Your LO is detailed and carefully thought out and meaningful. I would love to be able to's a wonderful talent to have, maybe you should ease back into it? Again, great post!

  10. I am so jealous. I would love to be able to just hold a tune :)

    A lovely blogspot and layout - nice to learn more about you too! x


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