Sunday, 3 January 2010


Arrived home safely from my sister and her BF this pm after our family outing to their bungalow. We spent time drinking, alot!!!!!, eating again alot................and watching some TV which was Dietmar's fault. He wanted us to check out the new dance talent show on BBC1 so we watched the highs and lows and now are all hooked!
So have been checking out everyone's blogs this evening and finding out how everyone is doing after the holiday period. I have found a great new blog I am loving for a lady who makes the most amazing things in felt here She has had all sorts of products featured in magazines, blogs etc and has a fantastic talent.
I have also been reading Dolly's latest challenge for her 52 in 10 project which started officially today. She has reached that certain age this year and wanted to make a momentous scrapbooking project and has invited us to join her. The first challenge is to look back over the past 10 years and see how you have come on. Well 10 years ago I was a neonatal nurse and since then things have changed so dramatically that I don't recognise the person I was then. It will be interesting to see how Dolly's project progresses over teh year.

Have you got any specific projects you are planning on taking part in or are you planning a more relaxed year? Would love the hear about them. Anyway, to end I am putting up some pictures of
some digital JYC LO which will be hybrids............

Tomorrow I have a list of jobs to do primarily taking the car to the car hospital and finding out the full extent of the damage. I am off to bed to read my book and have 2 swaps coming by post.


  1. I spent a happy hour browsing that book swap site after you recommended it! Hope you get the car sorted out soon.x

  2. I quite like the look of Dolly's challenge/class.....may have a go....but also want to find a class to improve my dire photography......and one to help with starting digi scrapping....want to join in some scrapbook challenges as well.
    Hope they make your car better.

  3. Well, you sound like you have had a great time Jo!
    I'm not sure what 2010 will bring as far as classes/projects are concerned - I may end up looking further into Dolly's project as well. I think I might try for a digi class next - perhaps the next one in the series over at Jessica Sprague's ..... photography too - Jacky and I seem to be headed in a similar direction. Actually, I'd like to learn/practise making my own digital templates and collages.

  4. sounds like an awesome time Jo! I wud love to get my scrapping recognised more, since Scrapbook Inspirations has closed my mojo has gone down but..recently joined "The Studio" which is an awesome scrapping challenge blog so that has given me a boost! xxxx P.S The boy is called Tim!

  5. ohhh forgot, I love your new blog design, where did u get it from or did u make it? Also have a minor obsession with that owl on the sidebar! he he!


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