Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cathy Z part 2

As you know I have been doing an online course with Cathy Zielske called Design Your Life, which uses her skills and knowledge as a graphic designer to work into your scrapbook design. Her style is very minimal and graphic, not like my usual style at all, but I am really enjoyinh learning about the principles and putting them into practise on the digital pages. Each week has a different theme, the one below shows Assymetry............

......below is a double page spread using the snowdrop photos again and a free digital download which I got yesterday called Age Tendre, there are 2 paper packs in spring colours and elements too a mega freebie you might say...............I love the little house and trees on this freebie

Above is a symmetry LO with all the pics and papers formed into a symmetrical whole. All about how I bought this young man a bag of fudge for his birthday. ''I love you'' he said, ''Awww'' I said and he said ''I love, I love the fudge Aunty Jo Jo'', oh well!!
This is another double pager of pics from Barcelona. It's not finished as the grey and green bits need doing, but I want to print this out and do something with hybrid papers/elements.


  1. Some lovely pages there,Jo...particulary like the snowy one.

  2. I love the Gaudi photos! It's really interesting to see your take on Cathy's sketches because I did this class the first time round. I think I learned a lot from it. Oh, and I think fudge is a pretty much guaranteed way to a bloke's heart too :)

  3. Great layouts Jo :-) I love, I love fudge too! I also love Gaudi, we only had 1 day in Barcelona so didn't have anywhere near enough time to see his stuff!

  4. Jo you are doing so well with the sketches - seeing yours brings back memories from when I took the class. I love what you did with the page on the snowdrops with the digital elements, you have added such a unique edge to the sketch and it looks great!

  5. That little house is so cute! Hey, is the fudge from the House on Fudge Corner? I LOVE that shop!


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