Sunday 21 February 2010

Words! after several mornings of being woken by over exciteable, playful cats, I overslept unitl 10am. Now ordinarily this wouldnt be too bad however it's church today and I wanted to get there on time. I love the new church I have found here as they are so friendly and welcoming. It took me a longtime to find a church in Southampton but I did and had an amazing 8 years there of spirtual growth and of friendships which I am lucky to have and nurture with alot of love and attention.
Anyway, today was just a ''normal'' day but God spoke to me in quite a strong way. Obviously I have had questions in my mind for the last 3 months about the direction in which he is guiding me, and whether I am being guided or letting myself decide. I have an innate inability to let him lead me at times. I am a bad Christian. But today we had a ownderful worship and the words of strength, faithfulness and God's grace were so strong I felt more positive than I have for a while about my prospects of getting the right job. So keep on watching this space, It is coming!!!!
My mum asked me yesterday why I spend so much time on my laptop? Mmh well Mum, I said, i check my emails in the morning, my bank balance to make sure I have one!!!!!, I check my blog for comments and try and reply, and I check the blogs I follow to see how everyone is. Then I do my job searches. I dont think people appreciate that it takes up alot of time, seaching for jobs and applying for positions. The job centre has to see a record of everything you have done to try and find work every fortnight so you cant just sit back and let it go, you have to do all the work for yourself. I dont mind cos Im motivated at the moment, but it is hard because each job needs a different CV and application form etc. I have to think up different ways of selling myself for that particular job and sometimes I cant think of a reason why they should employ me cos my skills dont necessarily match. Anyway, I do.
Tomorrow it will all start again..............oh well at least there is a job out there for me. At times like this I love a good song so I will leave you will the words of a fam ous musical song which has been stolen by football, awful,
''When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high and dont be afraid of the dark, at the end of the storm is a golden dawn and the sweet sound above of a lark, walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain though your dreams be tossed and blown, walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart and you'll never walk'll never walk alone'' from Carousel.
May all your storms be small and the words of this song lift your spirits ready for a new week.


  1. Lovely post, Jo :-) Really encouraging and uplifting - good for you xx

  2. Thanks for this lovely post Jo - you are motivating me as well! The song reminds me of The Ashes ..... I won't say anything more ;-)

  3. You do sound strong and motivated. You go, girl!!
    Thank goodness for the internet and laptops! Life is much better with them than without.

  4. Jo! I can't tell you how much I love 'You'll Never Walk Alone' - the words are wonderfully moving and every time I hear it I get tingles. And let me tell you, when you hear the crowd sing it at Anfield, it is almost spiritual!!!

    I understand just how much time looking for a job takes - I'm in a similar position - so good luck my friend x

  5. Good luck Jo! That song was a favourite of my gran's - fond memories :)


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