Saturday, 10 July 2010

Bunting bunting everywhere..............

In good old British tradition I LOVEEEEEEEEE bunting. It makes a garden party a party and any fete be it school, chuirch or village quinessentially british. So when the lovely people at Dot com gift shop asked me to review some I said Yes of course. Evene better when I emailed them asking how to return it said''No no it's your to keep''. I like them even more. As it was the weekend of my mum's 70th celebrations I decided to put it to the test then. So here is my review:

The ones I was sent are from the Empire range and are traditionally designed with the union jack on and made from 2 layers of very sturdy fabric. I loved the gingham fabric backing and the bright ribbon stitched on to make the flag design. The edges are cut with pinking scissors to stop fraying which should make them able to withstand longterm useage. Because they are double layered, the flags themselves hang really well and dont fly away too much in the wind although they do move!!!!! The ribbon is made of strong cream twill and has about 8 metres of length so it will go around a small garden or about a third of my parents which is a fair bit bigger. At £20.00 I thought this bunting was g8 value for money.

Everyone at the party remarked on how lovely it was and what a difference it made to the garden to have it there. My mum loved it which was a bonus as she said she didnt want anything like that. The Dotcomgiftshop have a variety of different buntings to choose from so if u are planning a celebration or just fancy something abit pretty for ur garden or patio then take a peak.
Lizzie has reviewed some different bunting she tried out here


  1. It looks gorgeous,Jo....I really should have a go at making some.

  2. It really does look fab; it's the perfect party touch.

  3. It looks great - so glad it arrived to coincide with the party! xx

  4. I love love love bunting. Think I need to make some more.

  5. That's such lovely bunting, Jo! I like the fabric stuff best, though I was pretty pleased with the paper ones they sent me - especially the white lace! Thanks for mentioning my blog too.
    Glad your mum thought the bunting made the party more special - that is the general idea!
    Wasn't it nice of DotComGiftShop to let us keep the stuff too?

  6. Love's a party essential!! :)


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