Sunday 25 July 2010

Weekend crafting

So yesterday's prompt from Shimelle was how to make a photo vintage vinette using photoshop. I have used Photoshop Elements alot for digital scrapbooking but never really tried this. I used a photograph I took in Barcelona and am quite pleased with the results although my oval vinette appears less soft than my colleagues pictures. Something else to keep practising. Daphne has given a cool tip and any others would be well received.
In other news this is how the crochet is going and I had to get some more wool to match the colours I've already used. It's grown abit since this post

I have also been reading through the class materials for Cathy Zielske's class starting in Spetember. The project comes with a pdf download to make an A-Z tag book. Here is mine so. The idea is you need to write in different ideas about yourself under the different letters eg. for b will probably come ''bubbles, balloons, baking, blogging etc, under c....''cupcakes, Cath Zielske,'' anything which you consider important or of interest to you.  
Anyway hope you're having agreat weekend, see you all soon.

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  1. Love your photo effects Jo :-) Is it the feathering on the vignette that gives it the slightly softer edge? Or was it the oval that needed a feathered edge? Can't remember.....

    The crochet is looking *fab* :-) Clair and I have deferred trying it out but it's definitely high up my list.

    And I'm also loving your a-z! I've printed mine out but as the class is a birthday present from The Mother I've resolutely put my booklet away till my birthday. (Although decorating it would be allowed, surely....?)

  2. Jo the feathering and the pixel size will reduce the defined oval shape if that is what you are wanting :-)

    I have not started my pre-class work yet ..... naughty girl ;-) Feel a bit stumped by it actually, funny, I always seem to have plenty to say otherwise!

  3. I've definitely been meaning to learn crochet for a long time, but my fingers just don't seem to want to! Yours is looking good though x


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