Thursday, 19 August 2010

26 years ago today........................

Or approximately today, I was getting my A level results. The lovely Abi reminded me when I read her post about getting her fab results today. She has done superbly. Anyway back to 1984, I had left home on the Tuesday of this week, today is Saturday, bare with me all will become clear. My family had moved down to Somerset from Sussex a week ago and now I was leaving home to start my nurse training at the then London Hospital in Whitechapel, it's now gone all Royal!!!! So there we were 36 young ladies awaiting the results in the postroom. Some of the girls had gone home for the weekend but being the first away from home I stayed behind with my friend Naomi. I remember we had had to fill out all these brown envelopes in class before taking our exams so they could send them to the correct places. Anyway I had taken 3 A levels, in English Lit, Social Biology and Sociology. In the end I only got the 2 and with very poor grades, basically cos I hadnt worked as hard as I could have. Anyway, after a few more weeks I looked like this and I have never looked back although I still am a London hospital nurse at heart.

So today, I am making a decadent chocolate cake for my friend Luke who was 21 yesterday. I am off to Sheffield tomorrow lunchtime. Never been before but it sounds and looks lovely. I want to check out their Eye, apparently not as awesome as London's but hey who cares. They have an amazing botanical gardens so if I can drag a group of 20 something men out after a night clubbing tomorrow I will!

Anyway back to the chocolate I know u want details. Well it's the BEST chocolate cake ever, high in calories and so gorgeous u'll never eat another chocolate cake as long as you live. Its from this book by the glamorous Nigella Lawson, page 169. It is called the Sour-cream chocolate cake with sour-cream icing. It is really easy to make and the only extra is the sour-cream which you can easily make from single cream with lemon juice added. It tastes divine and if you know someone who's about about to have ababy and breastfeed it's the perfect milk production food!!!!!!
I have been getting ready for the next Shimelle class starting in a couple of weeks and have made the front cover for Learn Something New Everyday which I have done twice already and love.

This is the front cover which is covered in paper by Sassafras Lass. The next 2 pictures are close ups. The owl is becuase I love them but also I will hopefully learn something and become more wise and the apple for the teacher of course!

I have also been playing with my iphone and have downloaded a few free apps for the camera and some free books and sample chapters for the journey tomorrow. Looking forward to giving it a real trial. I have pre-booked my seat in the quiet carriage with an electric socket, how cool is it to travel by train these days. Just hope the other transport doesnt fail, please see Sian's story!!!!!
So catch up when I get home on Monday, unless I have time to whilst away via my iphone. Now how do I do that?


  1. Jo, that is the most beautiful nurse photo :) I've got a real picture in my head of you nursing in London (it's kind of Florence Nightingale meets Vera Brittain!)

    Never mind the bus stop disappearing - what if you disappear into that crowd of lusty young men, never to be seen again??

    The "A" levels results day seems like yesterday. Where did the time go to?

  2. i should be so lucky sian, the men i mean. yep it was abit like flo vs vera. very old fashioned but modernising over time.
    Jo xxx

  3. Yes Jo....what exactly are doing nightclubbing with a group of 20 something men....and can I join in????
    I remember the London Hospital...and not especially friendly memories.....I spent a lot of time their with eye problems as a child...a constant stream of ops and appointments.....and very strict nurses!!!

  4. It was so long ago,Jo....can't remember the ward....or probably wards!!!! I do remember the smell of bleach and disinfectant....which will forever evoke the thought of hospitals.

  5. Love this post, Jo! I remember waiting around for my 'A' Level results too...
    I love your nurse photo. You look very professional. You trained "the good old-fashioned" way - I remember a friend, Hilary, going off to London to train (1985 I think). We were in her room while she packed her uniform. She was horrified that she had to have black stockings, not tights. Her uniform was quite like yours in the photo - traditional, with a little cap, a belt with silver buckle - present from her mum & dad - an apron-thing and one of those pin-on watches. I wonder where she is now and if she still is a nurse...

    The LSNED album looks exciting. I love the "What a Hoot" panel - very "Jo"! I'm still trying to decide whether to have another go. Last year I got half-way, then mum went into hospital and that was the end of my September! Would it be tempting fate/providence, to have another go this year... September's always so busy anyway!

  6. Oooh, I love traveling by train! Have fun!

  7. Okay, as a U.S. gal, I'm confused about the A levels. what do they signify?
    Love the story no matter what.

  8. A levels are our final exams at 6th form, ur year 11 I think so prior to us going to university or nursing school.
    Jo xxxx

  9. Love your LSNED album :-) I need to get thinking about mine! And oh, I can remember my A-level results day so clearly... Really enjoyed this post xx

  10. Thanks for the mention Jo! I love your recollections of A level results day! The picture is beautiful. you look so smart! Oh n btw I love the tag! Abi xxx

  11. Our A levels were known as the HSC - Higher School Certificate, and now it is a different name altogether and it is all based on what is called and ENTR score - a figure which corresponds with the course you want to do at Uni.

    The cake and the weekend experience sounds very adventuresome indeed - have fun girl! Actually, that cake sounds awesome :-)

    I love your cover for LSNED - I'm not sure about playing along this year as I'm taking Me:TAV as well .... hmmmm, and trying to live in a shell of a house with saws, nail guns and goodness knows what else bashing and crashing away!

  12. Such a lovely cover, Jo! I love the colours and the detail. And what a fabulous picture of you!


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