Thursday, 16 September 2010

LSNED and Me: the abridged version...............

So today I am learning lessons in 2 different ways,
  1. ........for LSNED
  2. .....for Me the abridged version.

For LSNED I learned that even those people who profess to never celebrate their birthday go all gooey over flowers from their spouse and cakes made by colleagues.

Today sees the commencement of Me the abridged version by Cathy Zielske for Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have taken a class before with her which was fun and I learned loads. This class as it suggests is more about thinking about yourself in your scrapbooking and documenting the small things and big things in your life which make you the person you are. The pre-class material was to make a tag book and we had to document things in A-Z. I sat down and managed to get quite alot of ideas to write about. Now the process of journalling and making scrapbook pages begins in earnest. For example under A I have got so far.....
  • ABBA
  • Australia
  • Amy
  • Animals, I like
  • Autumn, I love scuffing leaves in
  • Apple and blackberry crumble
  • Austen, Jane
  • Alien........................
and another example, under U ............
  • Uniform, my student nurse
  • university
  • underwear, I wear Bridget Jones knickers.
I am looking forward to actually writing the stories which go with each theme and remembering some of favourite things. Watch this space.


  1. I'm excited about this class! Have you seen the class videos yet? So fun and inspiring. I have lots of 1 or 2 word notes under each letter, now I need to figure out which to write up into proper entries! See you in class xx

  2. I had done nothing for the class at all until after watching the video last night .. now I have ideas spewing forth it is ridiculous!

    You could combine Amy, living in Australia loves ABBA and Jane Austen! lol :-)

  3. Cathy is great. I'm not taking this class, but i'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I've already discovered you like apple and blackberry crumble, which just happens to be a favourite round here too..


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