Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Today I learned that:
  • sometimes asking for someone's opinion about you requires courage and strength of character to hear the answers,
  • how to make apple fruit cake and flapjacks that dont stick to the pan,
  • that people may let you down but you can rely on your dad,
  • tomorrow ''me:the abridged version'' begins!
  • Facebook helps you catch up with friends you thought never went on it.
Thanx for all the comments for yesterday short but pointed post. I was just wanting to get it out there rather than moan about my day but I appreciate all your kindness. Today and tomorrow is full of the same thing but I am going in with a positivity I got from your kindness.


  1. Good for you, Jo :-) Been thinking of you today xx

    (One more sleep till Me:TAV!!)

  2. An interesting array of learning,Jo....I'm looking forward to 'Me..The Abridged Version' as well.

  3. Sounds like a tough week. Glad you have some nice things to look forward too!

    Saw yesterday's note - I have a friend who suffered severe PND and then developed bipolar disorder. It does stink! It's ruined her marriage and damaged her son. Tragic...
    Also had a friend who was a domestic abuse victim. Funny how you sort-of assume it only happens in certain "types" of homes, until you come across it in a nice, middle class, affluent household... I had nightmares over her situation (literally). Serious stress trying to help her - I wasn't a lot of help, but at least I tried. She finally found courage to leave, with the children. Now lives in the next village and the Ex is paying towards the children's keep, but seems to be keeping his distance. Relief to everyone!

    Are you on a course about this stuff, or have you had to deal with it first-hand at work? Either way, it's tough!


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