Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Prizes and Project Team Ewan....................

So after the excitement of last night, hopefully the prompt will stay at the top of the page until 6th November, I had another surprise this morning. I have followed Melissa's blog for quite a while now as she is a gr8 scrapbooker and also does the ''All about me challenge'' site.
Anyway she is a really inspiring person and apart from all the work she is doing already, she is organising and developing another very special project, Project Team Ewan. 

Ewan was a very special little baby born with a rare heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot or Fallot's tetralogy.

Ewan's parents knew he had this condition antenatally however his condition was far rarer than anyone expected and he died a couple of weeks ago in Seattle Children's hospital.

In honour and memory of this little baby, his family and the work this hospital does for children and families, Melissa and a team of scrapbookers have developed Project Team Ewan to raise awareness, raise funds for the hospital and provide us scrapbookers with specially designed classes from some amazing teachers. The whole project goes live with the classes in 3 weeks.

His parents also keep a blog documenting their son's brief life and their challenges now as grieving parents here it's a tough read and very personal but open, I would advise you to take ur time and have tissues handy because it is gutwrenchingly honest. As a past NICU nurse and bereavement support nurse and counsellor, they have taken an amazingly open way of describing their grief and many people may find it hard to take, so although I encourage you to visit, I also advise you that their honesty is raw and no holds barred, as I personally feel it needs to be, however if you have ever had a baby/child die or are currently grieving I would be well aware of the challenges you will face if you decide to read their blogging.

So imagine my surprise this morning when Melissa's blog had picked me as a winner in one of her giveaways in advance of it's sale on Etsy. The class is called Scrapbooking with symbolism.

The Class is in an easy to follow PDF format.  We go through the elements and principles of design and how they can relate to your layouts in a symbolic way.  And guess what?  I'm already working on my second class!  I felt like as I worked on this class there was so much more to cover and that's what I'm doing with the next class that will probably be out sometime in January.

The class will officially be for sale via my Etsy shop (it isn't ready yet) by November 1st for $15!  It will also be included in the wonderful Project Team Ewan class package!!! Woohoo!!! Even though I'm organizing this amazing fundraiser, I'm still blushing a bit to have a class among such other fabulous talent.
 Here are some of the key contributors to this amazing class package:
Nancy Doren
Jen Martakis
Iris Babao-Uy
Kara Haupt
Melissa Elsner
Dora Phillips
Erica Hernandez
Kristina Proffitt
Jen Gallacher
Janet Bodet Carr
So I am looking forward to receiving my prize from Melissa and also joining in with the classes the team are developing over the nxt few weeks. Please do follow her work and the teams, Ewan's story is not the end but the beginning for this project and for all children and families in hospital at Seattle Children's. As scrapbookers, we have an amazing opportunity to do something wonderful in response to something so sad.


  1. Congratulations, Jo! What a great cause - good for everyone involved for giving their time and talents xx

  2. well done jo and what a great cause, kate x

  3. Jo I will visit when I know that I have a quiet uninterrupted time :-)
    The prize could not have gone to a more worthy recipient!


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