Saturday 27 November 2010

Lady in red...........

Today we were walking in a smallish winter wonterland which looked like this.................

however by this afternoon it had virtually all gone, shame. Never mind I was nice and warm in the flat doing my lady in red who now is complete and looks like this
she's a felt ornament for the xmas tree. I got the pattern from posy rosy little things and there is a cup of hot chocolate I'm going to do next I think. The pattern is easy to cut out and you only need to use embroidery stitches like backstitch, blanket stitch and back stitch oh and french knot and lazy daisy stitches. It took a couple of evenings and gave an excuse to watch old Hollywood musicals and Miss Marple, heaven.


  1. She's really fab Jo! I love her red and blue folklore look.

  2. Cute as can be, and quite elaborate!

  3. Hi Jo, This is so Cute! I love seeing the snow you all are getting in the UK, we are just cold here in SoCal :(


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