Thursday 2 December 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.............................

Welcome to December 2nd 2010 and day 2 of JYC, Tim Holtz's 12 tags of Christmas and 2nd day of Hannukah. Today I woke up to this.................

Pretty isn't it?  I have to admit I stepped literally 2 steps out of the door and nearly froze and ran in pretty quickly but hey I went out, ;-)).
And coincidentally today's post for JYC is weather. Over the past few days my conversations with my best friend have revolved around snow, snow and more snow. He has no transport now and the roads are even worse than before. Fun isn't it. Anyway, there are snowflakes around my home in a variety of creative ways. I tried resurrecting the handmade paper snowflake, I may put it in the journal, not sure yet. But there are some snowflakes in a crafty woollen project................

which are sort of secret so if ur reading lil sister, shhhhhhhhh.
Finally the wonderful person I call my big brother Colin posted this today on Facebook and youtube and I wanted to share it with you. I wish we had this much snow, I wish I brave enough to do snow angels and I'm glad I don't have a cheeky son who does that to me! Plus the music is lovely.

Oooh advent calendar today was a bell.


  1. I think we've got some of your snow,'s over the top of my wellies for kids...and one stupid dog....but not much else!!

  2. Oh my, that snow looks cold. It's sunshine and 60 degrees (F) here in Texas! :>)

  3. I couldn't be happier with all the snow we've had, perfect photos for my december daily/jyc album.

  4. I'm loving the snow, it's making me feel extra festive!

    Can't wait to see your knitted project, looks very intriguing :)

  5. Jo, todays and yesterdays post are just beautiful - I love that you have drawn attention to such a variety of celebrations - and the lead up to a very special celebration ;-)

  6. oh that snow is gorgeous! lovely photos.

    the little houses I used in my album are actually a digital element that I bought at two peas :)

  7. Great post Jo! I love the slide-show/video. Snow looks coooold though.. brrr... but fun!
    The knitting looks great - if that's a Christmas pressie, the recipient (hmmm, wonder who?) will love it!
    Enjoy your snow - and there may be more on the way (brrr again!).

  8. Oh your knitting looks gorgeous! Our snow finally arrived today - but then it started to rain so it disappeared again!

  9. We have just a couple of inches. It's turned colder so I think it will stay around for awhile. Your weather has been on our news!


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