Monday 14 February 2011

I heart you xxxxxx

So unless you have u have your heads buried in the sand, u will have noticed lots of cards with hearts on, flowers being passed from men to women and lots of expensive restaurant meals being booked,...............yep it's Valentine's day today. I for one am one of those sad lonely singletons who finds it really horrible to have watch LOVE celebrated all around you so I am not a happy bunny. Never mind, I have decided that you guys are going to be my Valentines today are some hearts...........


and a romantic tune.....................

oh and a cute pic from the weekend.................

Alan, Jon, Me and Holly.

Lots of love Jo xxxxxxxxx


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, the cute pic.

  2. Oh Jo, this is lovely! Happy Valentines' Day to you too - it's not only "couples" that can celebrate love and friendship.
    Thank you for the hearts, flowers and music - made me smile. I so appreciate the lovely friends I have made through my blogging - and you are one of the Best! XX

  3. I "heart" your way of celebrating Valentines day!

  4. Lovely photo and nice to see you IRL. And Holly looks as if she's not caring much about Valentine's Day either!

  5. I did read this on the day, but today is my first chance to come back and comment, ack!!

    Thanks for the love, Jo - I spent Valentine's Day apart from The Doctor this year (*sob!*) so it was lovely to receive your hearts and flowers and love song, and see your fabby pic! xx


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